Growth Cycle Marketing

Offer Up The Right Message At The Right Time And Through The Right Channel

Once You Understand The Way Customers buy...

Your Marketing Will Never Be The Same Again.

Customers go through a process when they buy a product or service.  It’s NOT a one time event. By matching your marketing strategy to the customer’s process of buying, response and effectiveness goes up.

In order to make your marketing efforts more effective, they should align with the process your customer goes through in making a buying decision. Marketing should parallel the way customers think…we call it Growth Cycle Marketing.

Executing a Growth Cycle Marketing Strategy will make your marketing dollars work harder.

We configure your marketing strategy to ensure your customer is engaged at every point in their buying process.

Are you making the most of each and every potential interaction throughout your customers’ buying process?
Are your competitors?

Cultivate will help you offer up the right message, at the right time, and through the right channel.


Our Innovative Marketing team will help you leverage the right multi-channel communication channels, tactics, and messages that will resonate and engage your target customers at each stage in their buying process.
Stage 1: Awareness

They Need: The Basics
You Offer: Presence
Time to Show Your Stuff

Your future customer is out there, searching the web for products and services to fill their specific needs. How will you capture their fleeting attention before they seek out your competition?

Stage 2: Consideration

They Need: Information
You Offer: Influence
Time to Nurture Your Pipeline

Your brand has a foot in the door. You’re on your customer’s radar and they’re weighing their options. Now’s the time to show your expertise by providing helpful information and preemptive customer service.

Stage 3: Acquisition

They Need: Exceptional Products
& Services
You Offer: Value
Time to Nail the Sale

Your prospect is ready to decide. Swoop in and provide detailed product information while showing how you provide value. Make them an offer they can’t refuse and you’ve sealed the deal: you’ve earned a new customer!

Stage 4: Retention

They Want: Trust
You Provide: Belonging
Time to Tempt & Reward

A repeat customer is much easier (and cheaper) to gain than a brand new customer, so you must keep your customers happy. Offer inclusive incentives like frequent buyer discounts and access to secret deals.

Stage 5: Advocacy

They Want: To Tell The World
You Provide: Feel Good Messaging
Time to Fuel Their Passion

When you provide a remarkable customer experience at every touchpoint, your customers will love you! Encourage those warm fuzzies and your happy customers will bring in new business—again and again.

Making the Leap to Better Waters

Growth Cycle Marketing …a proven strategy for generating sales.

We follow the Growth Cycle Marketing strategy. Are you truly connecting with your prospects? Are you engaging with your customers before, during, and even after the sale?

Not sure? You need to know HOW…now. Get a jump start by downloading our FREE whitepaper on Growth Cycle Marketing.

You’ll learn:

  • 14 ways to engage your prospects to drive home the sale
  • How to influence your customer’s decision to buy
  • Why your current customers are your biggest asset
  • The exact type of content your prospects and customers want
  • How this proven, 5-stage process attracts new customers and grows your business

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