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 Picking the Right Marketing Channel for Your Product or Service by Cultivate CommunicationsIn my last post — “How Much Content Do You REALLY Need?” — I wrote about how the amount of content to engage your audience varies depending on your product or service. I concluded there’s a time to use long form advertising and a time to use short form advertising.

  • MORE content is better — if your product is highly technical or if customers usually spend time researching all their options to ensure they’re making a good decision.
  • LESS content is better — if your product is more of an impulse buy.

So, then, which marketing channels are best for each of these two forms of advertising?

Infomercials are a classic example of long form advertising. Customers can get information about what the product is, step-by-step instructions for how to use it, and a quick-and-easy way to BUY NOW — Call 1.800.infomercial . . . Operators are standing by!

Webinars and customized landing pages are other great ways to capture interested consumers and immerse them in the information they need so they can make an informed decision. Just remember at the end of your message to properly guide your captive prospects to ACT NOW by writing a strong call to action.

Short form advertising, on the other hand, is intended to remind someone of your product or service and create top-of-mind awareness. Billboards, direct mail, and coupons are all great channels to use if your product is easy to acquire and bought either seasonally or on
impulse. Online banner ads are a great way to create awareness for your product or service in the digital world.

For other ways to get your message out, be sure to read our own Mike Kissel’s article: “5 Reasons Your Business Needs Content Marketing.” He provides a whole listing of forms your messaging might take.

So what’s today’s takeaway?

Long form advertising is designed to be more in depth and technical, while short form advertising needs to be simple, fun, and engaging. Be sure you first know your audience — then choose the right channel to properly communicate your marketing message.

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How Much Content Do You REALLY Need?

Wondering how much content you should build into your webpage,
print ad, or direct mail appeal?

Today’s readers have shorter and shorter attention spans, so you’d assume that short form advertising is a sure bet. Sorry — no dice.

If you offer products or services that people like to spend time researching before they buy, long form advertising trumps short form advertising.

When products and services have a higher price, consumers put in more time to understand what it is they’re getting for their dollars. They want to feel informed about the features and benefits your product or service provides. To avoid having “buyer’s remorse,” they’re willing to read your documentation to feel secure about the decision they make.

Products that are usually bought on impulse, however, should use short form advertising.

These types of products need fewer words and more visuals to communicate their value. Consumers of impulse items won’t spend time reading a lengthy offer overstating all the benefits. If you want to sell candy, showing a picture of a mouth-watering, chocolate-covered Snickers bar and the one-word reminder “Satisfies” is enough to get the job done.

When deciding how much you need to say about your product or service, think about what your customers need to know to make a decision. Then follow suit . . .

  • Are your customers already familiar with your brand/product/service and just need a quick reminder?
  • Is your product or service complex, needing details to distinguish you from the competition or to justify your price tag?

Be sure to check out my next post: “Picking the Right Marketing Channel for Your Product or Service” tomorrow — I’ll reveal just which marketing channels you should choose when using long and short form advertising.

Remember: You need to play your cards right to win big.

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