Revenue Nirvana

Revenue Nirvana 7 Steps To Accelerating Sales Results

This is the story of one company’s journey to Revenue Nirvana. It is fiction, based on real-life business issues. Don Sirius, the co-founder of Sirius Bond, stared at his sleek laptop, contemplating how to write an email that would change his company forever. He’d spent decades building this business with his late co-founder Jim Bond,…

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Can’t tell a great story? Your failure may already be written

B2B Storytelling Do It Well Or Your Marketing Will Fail

Today’s demanding B2B marketing requires more than a great brand, a suite of marketing tools or thoughtful strategy. It requires all that – plus storytelling. Some of the most successful companies have harnessed the power of storytelling to advance their brands and create powerful – and profitable – emotional connections with customers. Forging these connections…

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The building blocks of an effective lead nurturing program

The Building Blocks Of An Effective Lead Nurturing Program

In our last post, we shared our perspectives about the importance of a B2B lead nurturing strategy. Today, we’re outlining the components commonly found in an effective nurturing program. 1. Alignment with sales. A lead nurture program is ultimately a structured plan for marketing and sales to work together to increase engagement and sell faster…

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What is customer value alignment?

What Is Customer Value Alignment

How you sell and deliver value to prospects can become a powerful driver of growth and a key differentiator for your company. That’s the promise of customer value alignment, a go-to-market framework presented by Zebrafi CEO Jeff Kozer, a guest speaker at Cultivate’s Revenue Engineering webinar series. In many companies, there is a disconnect between…

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How to really engage decision makers on-demand webinar

Bringing order to the chaos of lead generation. Learn new, unconventional methods to improve your sales conversions. This new eGuide will show you a simple but radical process for designing customer experiences that will accelerate sales and how-to move and convert leads FASTER.

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Marketing planning (Where to even start?!)

Tips And Resources For 2021 Marketing Planning

Wow! Could there be a stranger and more chaotic year to assess, digest and attempt to learn from? There’s no doubt that 2020 has forced us as marketing and sales professionals to: Adapt, Pivot, Re-invent and Re-imagine. This agile mindset will serve our profession well as we speed into 2021. It’s time to utilize it…

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Be a trusted resource to your ideal customers

How To Be A Trusted Resource To Your Ideal Customers

Provide them with excellent content they can rely on One powerful way to build profitable relationships with your customers and prospects is to position your company as a trusted resource – a place where they can learn how to solve their most pressing business problems, identify new opportunities and run their businesses more effectively. In…

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Agile approaches for uncertain times

Heritage Printing Case Study

A local printer has not only endured seismic shifts in its industry and thrived but has also reimagined itself by staying close to its customers and taking cues from their requests and feedback. The parent company of Cultivate Communications, Heritage Printing, has offered a wide spectrum of services to support its customers’ needs, providing a…

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