Marketing’s Secret Sauce: The Message


It seems like anything successful has a secret formula, proprietary technology or “secret sauce” behind it that makes people talk about it. Marketing is no different.

The secret sauce of successful marketing is the message. It must command the attention of its target audience, get them to think and feel something – and ultimately like, trust and do business with your firm.

Check out this new 8-minute video, to discover:

  • Why you must first focus on your brand message – not on the channels you’ll use to deliver it
  • Two key types of messages, and the critical role each one plays in your branding
  • Examples of companies that have powerfully positioned themselves in the minds of their customers using taglines and slogans
  • Three steps to develop a persuasive strategic brand message for your business

Motivational Monday: Trust Yourself


Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do. –Dr. Benjamin Spock

You know your brand. You know your customers. Sometimes we get so caught up in viewing analytics, theorizing and strategizing that we spin ourselves into agitation. Just like Dr. Spock’s advice to frenzied new parents: sometimes you just have to step back, take a deep breath and realize you know what you’re doing. You’ve got this.

Understanding your customers, really getting to know them, and connecting with them on a personal level (rather than relying solely on data) will help you convey a clear message and speak to those customer in a voice they understand. Arming yourself with the latest info on content marketing and branding strategies can help.

It can be hard not to second guess yourself, especially when your company, your money and your reputation are on the line, but don’t allow doubt to creep in. Keep up on the latest trends and industry information and stay focused on your vision—it will drive you in the right direction every time.

  • We can learn a great deal from industry leaders. One thing that these success stories have in common? When doubt crept in, they trusted themselves and kept their focus to lead on toward success.

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