Does Your Website Achieve Your Business Goals?


Does Your Website Achieve Your Business Goals? by Cultivate CommunicationsIn today’s wired world, small businesses simply must have a web presence to succeed. Unfortunately, the website you built even 5 years ago is as outdated as a rotary phone.

It’s sad, but true . . .

Simply having a website is no guarantee that new customers can find you online. Large search engines like Google are constantly updating their search criteria and algorithms. So, whatever you thought you knew about getting your site to the top of the results page, probably isn't the way it’s done anymore.

Today, numerous factors can affect your website's search engine page ranking, like outdated code, broken links, poorly written page descriptions, and stuffed meta-data. The way Google sees your website is nothing like the way a human eye sees it.

But instead of throwing around a bunch of techie jargon to explain Google PageRank, let’s drop the lingo:
The more visitors to your website, the more opportunities you’ll have to generate leads — and ultimately new customers.

It’s that simple.

Your website has the opportunity to be a 24/7 virtual sales & marketing tool
for your small business.

Does Your Website Achieve Your Business Goals? by Cultivate CommunicationsSo, the real question is:
Does your website achieve your business goals?

To answer this loaded question, first ask yourself:

  1. Do you know where your site traffic is coming from? How long your visitors are staying? Which of your pages your visitors are most interested in reading?
  2. Do you know which keywords are giving you the biggest gains in traffic and leads?
  3. Does your current web platform allow you to experiment with and increase performance, lead generation, or customer conversations?

If you’re not able to answer all 3 of these underlying questions, it might be time for some professional web development help.

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