Week 1 :: Patricia Obletz


Today is our second day with Patricia Obletz creating works of art in our cubicle. She’s been whipping up a set of paintings on canvas using acrylics and pastels. Her use of vibrant colors is really refreshing.

A little bit about Patricia…

Patricia Obletz is a renowned artist that has come to live in Milwaukee via Buffalo, Manhattan, Chicago and then of course, Wisconsin. She studied life drawing and painting at Parsons School of Design and the Art Students League of New York.

Fire and Water by Patricia Obletz, oil & oil stick on canvas,  27 x 21

Fire and Water by Patricia Obletz

During her career, Obletz has spent time in the office environment as a staff writer for Seventeen, Modern Bride and copy supervisor for Helene Curtis. During the early part of her artistic career, she used thinned oils as her choice of medium and transitioned into oil pastels and tube oil. Patricia began exhibiting her work in 2000; her paintings are in public and private collections, and exhibitions across America and in Canada.

Headlines 2000 by Patricia Obletz, oil stick on canvas, 49 x 39

Headlines 2000 by Patricia Obletz

Obletz’s work is expressed through color, which is applied at random and formed and built upon as her stream of conscious guides and inspires her. Her subjects vary in range and encompass everything from portraiture to landscape, canines and horse worship.

As Jenny Santomauro wrote for ArtVoice, “Obletz’ work is unmistakably unique for its extreme, vibrant color play . . . (the) odd colors of Piet Mondrian’s pre-geometric paintings and the thick, painterly texture of Jackson Pollock that she applies to subjects like landscape and horses make her work unique.” – May13, 2004

To learn more about Patricia Obletz, her work and her involvement in the art community, you can visit her site, www.OilsByObletz.com.

Emma on Canvas by Patricia Obletz, oil stick on canvas, 30 x 24

Emma on Canvas by Patricia Obletz

– Colleen


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