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Tell us what you think harley is thinking...

It’s more fun than a cat chasing a dot of light!

Here's what you need to know to submit your ideas for our Harley video series. The weekly winner receives a $25 VISA Gift Card (Woot! Woot!)


Watch the sample video to the right, or go to the Cultivate YouTube channel each week for inspiration. They’re just something WE think Harley is thinking, to get your creative juices flowing... But we want YOUR ideas.

Brainstorm your own humorous caption and submit to us by either:

What we’ll do

The Cultivate team will judge the captions and pick a winner by which one cracks us up the most. The funniest captions will be given the “audio treatment” and your words will come to life in a new Harley video.

Each week, the Cultivate team will post that video – announcing the weekly winner and highlighting their hilarious caption! Make sure you submit your weekly caption by Friday at noon.


  1. The video clips aren’t long, so keep your words brief… and funny! And please don’t forget to add the hashtag #herdingcats. It’ll help us round up all of your pithy submissions!
  2. KEEP YOUR CAPTION CLEAN, APPROPRIATE –AND FUNNY! Rude and crude posts or tweets will not be considered.
  3. You can submit as many captions for each video as you like – there’s no limit! But creativity, cleverness and jocularity-inducing words are absolute MUSTS!


  • To have a little fun
  • To ask you to help us give Harley a personality for the future
  • To use your ideas in future campaigns

This is crowdsourcing, so you are a critical part of the plan. We are utilizing your wisdom, wit, and humor to make Harley come to life. By submitting your caption, you give us permission to use it however, whenever or wherever we choose.
You’re actually part of an experiment we’re conducting!
Have fun!

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