You Don’t Get to Call it an Experiment after it Fails


“The best experiments are experiments on purpose. They are done with rigor and intent. They are measured. They are designed to either fail or create an approach that can be scaled. Great experimenters measure their results. They probe. They fail on purpose.” {Seth Godin}

You don’t get to call it an experiment after it fails.
Read Godin’s post.

We’ve always got our noses in something here at the dog house.
How are you intentionally experimenting with your online marketing?

  • Are you intentionally trying new approaches with social media sites?
  • Are you pushing email to a new level?
  • Have you dabbled on Pinterest?

Let’s chat in the comments.

PS: Thanks to Duncan Hodges for the great Creative Commons photo. Are you a Beaker fan too? Love this rendition of Ode to Joy!


Marketing Ideas for the Creative
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Social Marketing with a Blueberry Mojito

I am one smitten kitten. I adore Blueberry Mojitos. Are you scared of veering from the classic traditional version? I understand. This has a lovely summer freshness that makes it worth trying.

Zina’s Blueberry Mojito

  • 1 heaping handful of fresh (or frozen) blueberries
  • 3 mint leaves
  • 2 TB simple syrup
  • 3 TB lime juice
  • Club soda or Sprite
  • Bacardi Rum

Directions: Smash the blueberries and mint together using the back of a spoon. I prefer frozen blueberries because the skins are softer. Add lime juice, simple syrup, desired amount of Bacardi (shot and a half or so), stir and top off with club soda or Sprite. YUM.

This recipe is “Mama’s Medicine” after a day of creative work during the dog days of summer. The catch? Fresh mint is quite pricey. Last year I decided I’d simply plant mint & enjoy leaves as needed. I was warned by multiple people to be cautious of where I plant because mint spreads like a weed.

My seeds never materialized. Does this feel like social marketing to you? You imagine your content going viral and spreading like a weed. Still, if you cannot get your seeds to grow you’re left with just dirt. I’ve got some tried and true social gardening tips to share with you.  Pop on over for 5 Tips for Making Your Social Marketing Bloom.

PS: This post is dedicated to the lovely Kate Scmitt for introducing me to this heavenly drink.

Playing Favorites

Do you play favorites? As a parent you are often warned against the dangers of playing favorites. The opposite is true on the web. In this chaotic world we live in there is so much virtual noise that one has to play favorites to stay sane.

Below are 5 of my favorite resources for the creative marketer wearing many hats, some obvious and others not:

  1. Mashable | Social Media News & Web Tips
    Review: It is a wonderful way to keep up to date on what’s what. It is a pretty standard suggestion coming from the world of digital marketing. If you haven’t heard of it, take a moment to go and check it out. I learn something new and interesting everyday from Mashable.
  2. Seth Godin| Riffs on marketing, respect
    and the ways ideas spread

    Review: Wow, is Godin thought provoking. He never sends brand new earth shattering ideas, but he takes a simple concept and makes you look at it under a different light. He is a truly insightful man. If you follow Data Dog on Facebook or Twitter there is no point in hiding that I am smitten. I also love that Godin’s post are short so I can read them in under 3 minutes and continue on with cleaning my inbox.
  3. Copyblogger | Tips and training for content marketers, copywriters and bloggers
    Review: This week a new business owner asked for a great resource for 101 Digital Marketing Tips. I told him this was his one stop shop; it’s that good. I am constantly flagging these blog posts in my inbox. If I had one resource to recommend for people struggling to stay up to date on digital marketing this would be it! It is an everyday language, simple blog, but allows you to dig deep into topics if you so choose.
  4. RadioLab | Podcast weaving stories and science into sound and music-rich documentaries
    Review: If you are daring to “make it” in the world of digital marketing it means you *love* to learn. The virtual world is constantly changing and you need to stay on your toes to be successful in this field. RadioLab doesn’t focus on marketing, but rather science. I am throwing it in for people who love to learn and think outside the box. It is AMAZING. If you enjoy soaking in new things like I do, you will like this wonderful podcast. You can thank me later.
  5. The Art of Non-Conformity | Unconventional strategies for life, work and travel
    Review: Last but not least, the talented Chris Guillebeau has inspired me personally and at the dog house. I have to warn you his posts are long, sometimes I skim and sometimes I just don’t have the time to get through one of his diatribes. However, when you find a post that speaks to you, it really clicks. Pop on over for one of his latest posts, 34 Things I’ve Learned About Life and Adventure. Which of these tips applies to your business or career?

Which sites, blogs or podcasts do you favor everyday? Let’s chat in the comments.

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{Photo Credit :: Thanks to Thaliapap for the wonderful creative commons photo!}

5 Email Pitfalls to Avoid

Many organizations spend thousands of dollars on a marketing budget to create and build a strong brand that speaks volumes to their consumer. Yet, when it comes to digital marketing many projects are done on the fly.

Social marketing requires you to always be on your toes. However, in a medium like email which reaches your audience on a one-to-one level,  you need to have your ducks in row.

Why squander your efforts by mismanaging your messages? Below you’ll find 5 pitfalls to avoid with email marketing.

Let’s chat in the comments. Do you have any additional suggestions?


5 Email Pitfalls to Avoid

1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Using poorly chosen fonts in sizes too big, too small or in a wide variety of styles and colors doesn’t “spice up your message,” it only leads to literal headaches and eye strain for your reader.

Don’t make them work to read your message, present it cleanly and simply to ensure the highest readability. Avoid italics at all costs and remember that an underline immediately signals a link.

2. Too quick to care
Email may be a fast-paced medium, but it deserves the same amount of thought and effort you apply to any of your other marketing messages. An email note that has been quickly jotted down is apparent when it is opened by your reader. If the content is sparse, not written in an appealing manner, or seems to be misdirected, the reader will experience only frustration in having opened it. If you don’t have the time to write a decent email, why should they waste their time reading it?

3. Jeans at a Black-tie Dinner
Carry your branding throughout your email. If your readers expect an upscale and polished marketing message from you, they don’t want to open your email and find “Buy Now! Reserve Today! Supplies going fast!” It cheapens your brand and annoys your consumer.

4. Don’t play it again, Sam
In an effort to stay top-of-mind, your first reaction is email frequency. This can backfire drastically on you if you don’t actually have something new to say. Email consumers expect fresh messages and content. Repeating the same offer or details month after month will quickly reduce your open rate since consumers learn to expect the same-old, same-old from you.

5. Looks can kill
Web messages strongly rely on graphics to appeal to consumers. However, not everyone is blessed with a $10,000 photography budget. If you do not have access to a strong photography library, choose stock photos and clip art extremely carefully. If the quality of images does not match your other marketing efforts, again, your email will be that guest wearing jeans to a black-tie dinner.