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Ready, and… ACTION! 6 Tips for Creating Video Marketing Content


You finally decided to incorporate videos into your marketing plan. Good for you! But then it hits you — you’re no Steven Spielberg and you don’t exactly have a Hollywood budget. No problem. Use these 6 tips to help your business create truly compelling and effective video content to market your business: 1. Be realistic.…

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Using Video on Your Site… It's Powerful!


If it’s true that “A picture is worth a thousand words,” then a video clip might be worth a MILLION. In today’s marketing world, hosting a relevant video clip on your website — or even just embedding a meaningful video clip from YouTube — is a smart way to convey your company’s know-how and credibility.…

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Video Interview with Patricia Obletz

Alright, a longer (but not too long) interview of Patricia and me is up on YouTube. Take a peak. Sorry the sound is a little weird, our little Flip camera can only do so much! – Colleen P.S. Come back next week, it’s week 2 of the art studio cubicle.

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