Motivational Monday: Super Bowl Marketing Excellence

super bowl marketing excellence

Excellence is achieved by mastery of the fundamentals.” -Vince Lombardi

Super Bowl 50 is over. Whether you were rooting for the Panthers or the Broncos, chances are you tuned in for more than just the game. It’s no secret the Super Bowl is the pinnacle event in advertising and entertainment. (What did you think of Beyoncé at halftime?)

There’s more to the big game than amazing sports prowess, pizza, beer, and car commercials. At the heart and history of football, there are lessons and amazing examples of follow-through, leadership and personal dedication.

Football is a game of inspirational stories and triumphs, from Rudy and Friday Night Lights “underdog wins” fiction to real-life examples of excellence, like Peyton Manning, Michael Oher, and of course Lombardi. Coach Vince Lombardi is well known for his famous words of wisdom he bestowed on the Green Bay Packers during his tenure, building on their strengths and honing their skills, leading them to victories in Super Bowls I & II.

As Lombardi taught his players, you must first master fundamentals to achieve excellence. This lesson can be applied to marketing, business, and even Beyoncé. (Hey, how much time do you think she spent first mastering those fundamental dance moves before she could achieve the level of excellence required to perform at Super Bowl halftime?) Achieve excellence in your own right by practicing, tackling and mastering the basics of your business communication.

So, what did you think of the game? Are you inspired to start working on your marketing, SEO, and content marketing basics so you can enjoy a championship year?

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The Greatest Interception Ever: How to Drive Your Competitors Crazy by Hijacking Their Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl commercials come at astronomical cost. Not only do they have to be the best commercial EVAR, the spot itself runs into the millions of dollars and it might not even pay off. (Remember the disaster?) But once in a while, a company comes up with an idea that simply owns the competition.

Volvo Wins the Internet
Volvo has launched a social media effort to hijack every single car commercial playing during the Super Bowl. How? By giving away a car. Think about this for a minute… (It is SO cool!) Volvo has invited Super Bowl commercial viewers to each choose a special someone who deserves a brand new car. To participate, simply tweet who and why using the hashtag #VolvoContest every time you see ANY car commercial during the game.

(So while you’re watching that new Mercedes-Benz commercial? Yea, you’re thinkin’ Volvo!)

Let’s do the math. Last year, a 30-second Super Bowl commercial slot sold for nearly $4 million…and that doesn’t include production costs. Volvo could give away 100 XC60s, each with an MSRP of $37,125—and still come out ahead. But they’re not giving away 100. They’ll be giving away just 5.

So for a tiny fraction of the cost, they’ve hijacked their competition, practically stolen the attention of a powerful Super Bowl audience, and built a valuable follow-up list for their dealers. (After you tweet, you do have to submit an official entry form before you’re actually entered into the contest. You know, with your contact information alllll over it.) BAM. Well done, Volvo. Well done.

How to Drive Your Competitors Crazy by Hijacking Their Super Bowl Commercials

And speaking of hashtags…
How can YOU use this stealth marketing technique? Even if you’re not in a position to give away cars, you may be able to hijack a hashtag. Let’s say you’re a relatively small snack company, like PopChips. You may not be able to afford a spot during the Super Bowl, but Doritos can, and Doritos really loves Twitter. (Hint, hint—just sayin’.)

Sometimes you just have to use your imagination when you’re on a budget. Do it right and you’re sure to drive away with your competitors’ hottest leads.