7 Goals to Track and Evaluate Your Content Marketing ROI

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When it comes to content marketing, figuring your ROI can be a challenge. The benefits may not be as immediately evident as a targeted marketing campaign and sometimes it’s not obvious which metrics you should measure to ensure success. How can you be sure your content marketing is delivering value? There’s a widespread misunderstanding about…

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Are Your Marketing, Sales, & Lead-Gen Services DRIVING Revenue?


In recent years, you’ve most likely heard of this little thing called lead generation. You’ve received email after email, phone call after phone call from marketing companies promoting their services, educating you about inbound marketing, and probably harassing you to the point where you decided to try it out because, let’s face it — you…

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The Smart Money Is on Content Strategy

{4 Ways Marketing Has Changed} Effective marketing is not a cost, it’s an INVESTMENT. *Interesting perspective.

I speak to CEOs every day about marketing. It’s startling how many of them view marketing as a COST. They erroneously lump marketing in with their other “cost of goods” line items and commoditize it. They look for ways to cut corners, and they implement hit-or-miss tactics without putting in the proper think-time or strategies.…

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