Feeling a bit uninspired about writing today,  I turned to my old friend, Curiosity, and did a simple search on the word. My basic curiosity was fed immediately with the search results that came back. It’s only now a “duh” moment that Discovery Channel (to be curious is to discover, after all), would dedicate a show and website to the study and discovery that comes from curiosity.

Seeking answers to the question: What is Curiosity? The site covers topics from Arts & Architecture to Quantum Mechanics and everything in between. Anyone with a question may find some sort of explanation, or at least someone else who’s also curious enough to research the topic, here.

An interesting notion is that provides insight into questions you may not have even been curious about before, but since they’re right there, they open up more curious cans of worms.

With our underlying theme of curiosity coursing throughout this blog (and of course, overcoming the fear of failure), I had to explore and share this curious site. The actual show seems to be on hiatus at the moment, but after previewing a few of the topics from last season such as “How Evil Are You?” and “Atlantis Uncovered,” I’m curious to know when the show will return.


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