Motivational Monday: Be Awesome!


Do more of what makes you awesome.

You are unique—so is your brand. You may do what others do, you may offer a similar product or service, but each of your customers returns to you, because what you do is awesome and special. In your customer’s eyes, that unique awesomeness is what sets you apart.

So, what’s your “awesome”? Yes, it can be price: maybe you’re the low cost leader, but there’s always more to it. Do you offer value? Quality? These traits go beyond simple price undercutting. Is it the timeliness of your delivery? Is it your company culture? Your mission?

You should be able to identify what makes you awesome and use it to shape your vision and drive you forward. It should be part of your brand and your mission. It should be an integral part of your communication strategy. Whatever you do well—do more of it. Be awesome!

  • One of the most important Ways to Boost Your Marketing Effectiveness is to achieve uniqueness. Identify what makes you special, then make those unique benefits your message to your customers.
  • Your customers need to know how you can help solve their problems. (Hint: It’s a big part of why you’re awesome!) Let them know through a variety of channels—email marketing, web browsing, social media, and more. All paths should lead your customers toward your unique message. Try these 10 Paths to Outstanding Content Marketing.
  • Sometimes inspiration comes easily, but sometimes a little nudge in the right direction can help you find your awesome. If you’re working to craft content that speaks to your customers and captures your unique message, try these 10 Great Resources to Inspire Your Content Creation.
  • Be fearless. Mondelez International is at the forefront of innovation marketing because they’re committed to doing just that. Their latest stunt? Rebranding the classic Oreo cookie.
  • Discussing nature, choice and the science behind happiness, “Tipping Point” author Malcolm Gladwell presented this TED talk on what we can learn from the food industry’s pursuit of the most awesome spaghetti sauce.
  • There is UNLIMITED potential for inventive thinkers. (Now those are words WE live by.) The decision to buy isn’t a moment; it’s a process. How are you touching each of your prospects and customers throughout the Growth Cycle Marketing process? Think about how you’re going to bring your awesome to 2016!

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