Wrangle new prospects with LinkedIn’s outbound marketing tools

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Now that you understand how to organically attract traffic on LinkedIn and to your website, it’s time to focus on the outbound side of the rodeo. In this article, we’ll teach you four ways to use LinkedIn’s tools to identify, connect and interact with the right companies and people. 1. Build your network with a…

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Drive more prospects to your LinkedIn company page

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In our first post in our LinkedIn Strategy series, Crafting Your LinkedIn Company Page, we showed you how to make your LinkedIn company page visually compelling, on brand and focused on the needs of your ideal prospects. Now, it’s time to focus on driving the right people to it. We’re going to show you three…

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Crafting your LinkedIn company page

Crafting your LinkedIn company page

In the last several years, savvy companies have discovered how to land new business and increase sales using LinkedIn. It has become so effective as a business development tool that if you don’t start leveraging it today, you will soon be at a competitive disadvantage. In our new Linkedin Strategy: Getting New Business article series,…

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Targeting your audience using LinkedIn

Targeting Your Audience Using LinkedIn

One of the mistakes marketers often make in trying to reach their target audiences is over-relying on organic distribution and under-relying on paid distribution. For many B2B firms, LinkedIn is the most important channel for sharing content with the people they need to target.

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Don’t build your house on rented land

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Do you dream of building a big following on one or more of the major social media channels? Don’t bother – it’s a waste of your time and it’s important you understand why. It wasn’t always that way. During the last decade, the bigger your social networks were, the more people you could reach. Many…

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Cultivate Celebrates Social Media Day — and Milwaukee!


Did you try a new app, join LinkedIn, or come up with a new digital marketing idea on Social Media Day? Equipped with social media–themed treats and giveaways, a decked-out photo-booth van, and a talented Cultivate crew, we hit the streets of Milwaukee’s Third Ward to celebrate Social Media Day 2014! Using the hashtag #SMDayMKE,…

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Help Us Celebrate Social Media Day! #SMDayMKE

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Monday, June 30, is Social Media Day! Initiated by Mashable in 2010, Social Media Day is intended to “recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes.” Events are taking place all around the country — but how is our awesome city, Milwaukee, celebrating Social Media Day 2014? Cultivate Communications, has BIG plans to celebrate…

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The Power of LinkedIn Groups


LinkedIn is the most powerful social media platform for B2B business – but if you’re new to social media you may need a little help getting started. These additional resources will help you in every stage of your LinkedIn journey: Looking for Social Networking Value? CEOs Link In To LinkedIn Groups A CEO’s Guide to…

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A CEO's Guide to Posting on Social Media


Are you a CEO or company leader who’s afraid to hit the ‘Share’ button? You’re not alone. Leadpostaphobia™ [lead·post·a·pho·bi·a] noun a persistent fear of posting on social media platforms while in a leadership role (see: CEO and C-Suite Executives) Social media has become one of the most influential technologies in the history of marketing and…

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Looking for Social Networking Value? CEOs Link In To LinkedIn Groups


Of all the social networks that have edged to the forefront of the Web, LinkedIn has proven to be of immense value to folks in the business world. Besides offering professionals a personal profile, options to showcase one’s portfolio or the prospect of drumming up new business, the social network provides a myriad of tools…

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