Motivational Monday: Failure is Part of Success

failure creates success

“Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s part of success.” – Arianna Huffington

No one likes to fail. Failure hurts. Failure stinks. …but failure is also universal to our human experience. Every person, from the top CEO to the entry-level intern has failed at some point along the way. Hey, no one’s perfect—we all make mistakes now and again.

The best things derived from mistakes? Opportunities for learning and growth. Every success comes because we didn’t quit or give up. We kept going—even when we stumbled or when it got difficult. We picked ourselves up when we fell down; we brushed ourselves off and got back up on the horse.

Success isn’t about perfection; it’s about determination.

Every professional athlete, marketing genius, or industry titan you know has failed at some point. They’ve made an attempt and it went horribly wrong. They’ve had to redo projects. They’ve probably missed deadlines. They’ve lost business or upset their customers. At some point, someone absolutely hated something they did or created.

The common thread? The resolve to keep going. Every great leader regularly learns from their missteps; the opportunity to adjust, learn, and move forward is what drives them. Their resolve is why they’re successful.

So the next time you experience a stumble or a failure, realize it’s a natural part of the growth process. Pick yourself up and look at what you can learn from the situation.

Head off mistakes as much as possible, but when you do stumble, look at it as a learning opportunity. Learn new ways to think about your future and move past mistakes by following Cultivate on LinkedIn or subscribing below to receive Motivational Monday updates in your inbox each week.


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