The 3 Pillars of a Quality B2B Lead


What’s more important than QUANTITY when it comes to lead generation? Ask anyone who’s ever been involved with a lead-gen effort and their response will no doubt be, “QUALITY.” So what goes into generating a quality B2B lead? Three things: 1. Good Data — For B2B marketers, “data decay” has always been an issue. And…

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Are Your Marketing, Sales, & Lead-Gen Services DRIVING Revenue?


In recent years, you’ve most likely heard of this little thing called lead generation. You’ve received email after email, phone call after phone call from marketing companies promoting their services, educating you about inbound marketing, and probably harassing you to the point where you decided to try it out because, let’s face it — you…

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How Effective Is Your Sales Pipeline?


Many businesses still look to their sales team to find leads and to create a pipeline for sales. But in today’s marketplace, that’s not realistic. Why? Customers simply do not respond to traditional sales and marketing methods. Nowadays, salespeople are kept at arm’s length. People don’t want to deal with intrusive phone calls or office…

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How to Stop Marketing vs. Sales Bellyaching


Ask this question of 10 different people, and you’ll probably get 10 different answers. In the constantly evolving digital world, the definition of a “lead” gets even more convoluted. In marketing, the term “lead” is probably one of the most misused words of all time. To some, a lead may be a simple business card,…

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The Final Online Frontier: Content Marketing & Automated Lead Generation


The internet is a continuously evolving, independent marketplace. This seems to overwhelm most small- to medium-sized companies who wish to leverage digital tools to increase their bottom line. What is a business to do with continuously decreasing profit margins cutting into their shoestring marketing budgets? The prices of traditional mass marketing avenues — such as…

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5 Steps to Easy Lead Generation


I’m sure you’re a very smart person. To be in business, you have to be. As a business owner, you have to know a lot about your customers, your product, and your industry. Even so, sometimes I bet even YOU don’t have all the answers. So why not tap into the smart folks working all…

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Demand a Dynamic Website


You know your website is outdated. And you know you’ve gotta “bite the bullet” and have it redesigned. It’s time. Online users consider website design one of the top criterion in ascertaining the credibility of your company. In today’s marketing world, an outdated or poorly designed website can cause your customers to lose trust in…

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