All You Can Eat Leads – Turn Your Website into a Sales Generating Buffet

All You Can Eat Leads – Turn Your Website into a Sales Generating BuffetWho doesn’t love a pristine buffet? All you can eat, hot and ready, just waiting for you to fill your plate and dig in.

Wouldn’t it be great if your leads were laid out in the same way: hot and ready to be served?

To ensure your buffet is always stocked with fresh leads, offer your visitors a tempting spread of content marketing.

Fill Your Seats
Filling seats in a restaurant is much like driving traffic to your website using inbound marketing tactics. While you may not be able to showcase mouth-watering meals, you can offer up teasers for useful and helpful content to make your potential customers salivate. Target your marketing and social media offerings to match customer wants and needs, tempting them to walk in the door.

Hot, Fresh Content
Now that your potential customers are in the door, deliver what you promised. They’re looking for hot, fresh content. If your content is stale, cold and skimpy, visitors will bounce without even ordering an appetizer.

This means paying special attention to your landing pages. Marketing links are a promise with a specific focus. Don’t make them search for the content they came for, take your visitors right to a landing page designed to support your advertising. Make juicy, succulent linkbait the centerpiece of your buffet.

Set Out Lots of Tools
Any decent buffet will have plenty of tools for diners within reach: tongs, spoons, knives, and stations at each buffet table with dishes, eating implements, and napkins. On a webpage, your tools should be designed for convenience. Give your visitors a way to sign up and/or contact you on every page.

Always Offer Great Service
When you go out to eat, poor service can really suck the fun out of an evening. Poorly managed buffets let used plates fill up the table, offer few servers on the floor for beverages and other needs, and pay little attention to keeping the buffet trays full, attractive, and at the right temperature…which means they’re not responding to customer needs.

Too many leads just sit there, waiting for service. Customers, like diners, are impatient. If they have to wait, they’ll give their business to your competitor. Offer great service from the minute they arrive and throughout every stage of the Growth Cycle Marketing process.

All You Can Eat Leads – Turn Your Website into a Sales Generating BuffetThe Dessert Table
What’s a great dinner without a sweet ending? Your “desserts” offer up a little something extra. When your prospects come to your website looking for a simple meal, give them what you promised PLUS a delicious dessert…offer a discount, a special offer, or a free download. And all they have to do in return is provide an email address. What a deal!

Comment Cards
Leaving a comment card on the table allows diners to give their opinion. Show visitors and social media contacts you value their opinions by asking questions and discussing ideas. Customers love being part of the process. Give your customers the opportunity to weigh in without asking loaded questions that may get you in trouble on social media.

Mail Out Coupons
You want diners to come back again and again, so give them a reason. Keep in touch with email, newsletters, social media offers, direct mail, and other tailored marketing efforts. Beef lovers who rave about your roast beef won’t be able to resist your grilled peppercorn-crusted rib eye special. Keep those special offers comin’ to keep customers engaged…and hungry for new products.

While your business probably isn’t a buffet restaurant, your approach to your business marketing should be similar. Success requires tempting offers, satisfied customers, responsive web design, and stellar customer service. Turn your website into a delicious buffet and reap your just desserts—a steady funnel of hot, fresh leads.

Picking the Right Marketing Channel

 Picking the Right Marketing Channel for Your Product or Service by Cultivate CommunicationsIn my last post — “How Much Content Do You REALLY Need?” — I wrote about how the amount of content to engage your audience varies depending on your product or service. I concluded there’s a time to use long form advertising and a time to use short form advertising.

  • MORE content is better — if your product is highly technical or if customers usually spend time researching all their options to ensure they’re making a good decision.
  • LESS content is better — if your product is more of an impulse buy.

So, then, which marketing channels are best for each of these two forms of advertising?

Infomercials are a classic example of long form advertising. Customers can get information about what the product is, step-by-step instructions for how to use it, and a quick-and-easy way to BUY NOW — Call 1.800.infomercial . . . Operators are standing by!

Webinars and customized landing pages are other great ways to capture interested consumers and immerse them in the information they need so they can make an informed decision. Just remember at the end of your message to properly guide your captive prospects to ACT NOW by writing a strong call to action.

Short form advertising, on the other hand, is intended to remind someone of your product or service and create top-of-mind awareness. Billboards, direct mail, and coupons are all great channels to use if your product is easy to acquire and bought either seasonally or on
impulse. Online banner ads are a great way to create awareness for your product or service in the digital world.

For other ways to get your message out, be sure to read our own Mike Kissel’s article: “5 Reasons Your Business Needs Content Marketing.” He provides a whole listing of forms your messaging might take.

So what’s today’s takeaway?

Long form advertising is designed to be more in depth and technical, while short form advertising needs to be simple, fun, and engaging. Be sure you first know your audience — then choose the right channel to properly communicate your marketing message.

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