Motivational Monday: Don’t Complain—Change!


Don’t complain about things you’re not willing to change.

Change. It seems scary, but settling for the status quo causes us to feel dissatisfied and stagnant—not a winning formula for attracting customers. So the next time you notice something isn’t hitting the mark or could be improved, put on your big kid pants and make that change!

How many of us are the squeaky wheel that “helpfully” points out areas needing improvement? How many of us make those suggestions but never follow through? It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Next time you notice something is off track, instead of complaining, SPEAK UP, brainstorm a solution, and act on it to get things running smoothly again. Even if you aren’t the decision maker or if you feel it’s not in your job description, you can still be the catalyst for change.

Change is fueled by consumer needs, market trends, and good old-fashioned “inventing answers to problems.” While you can’t always change outside influences, you can be integral to sparking solutions by knowing your product, understanding your market, and always thinking of ways to make things better. Stay on top of the latest trends and think forward to be a force for positive change!

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