Content Sharing Is a Privilege (Not a Chore)

{Take your place at the podium} Companies that establish themselves as knowledge sources come out on top. When I tell people I’m in the business of content marketing, they sometimes wince. It sounds like tiresome work to them. “How can writing all that content be FUN?” they ask. “And how do you keep coming up with new topics to write about every week?”

While some may think of content development as a chore, I say it’s a privilege. {Tweet this}

Taking what I’ve learned in life and in business and sharing it with folks all over the world is a huge opportunity for me. And it can be a strategic platform to gain traction and credibility, too. Show other people how you can help solve their problems, and it establishes you as an expert — a go-to leader in your industry or area of expertise.

I’ll admit, at times, content development can be a bit daunting (HINT: When you’re feeling stuck, see 10 Resources to Inspire Your Content Creation). But the value it brings to your business can be IMMENSE.

Here’s why . . .

Think of yourself or your company as an educator: Teachers and professors are highly respected for their expertise and their ability to transfer their knowledge to others.

Sharing compelling content via your website or blog not only establishes you as a teacher in your industry, but it’s also enormously beneficial to your page rank in search results.

Relevant content is one of the key ways you can optimize your website’s positioning in search engine listings. For example, Google ranks pages with informative content favorably and rates them based on how much the content is being utilized by others. Google, in effect, rewards you for taking the time to share what you know by giving you improved search engine rankings. You help PEOPLE; Google helps YOU. It’s win-win.

Now, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can get complex (see Google’s 32-page SEO “Starter Guide.”) So what should you focus on?

  1. Strive for RELEVANT content. Think of your customers’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). FAQs are a great source to kick-start your content marketing efforts. (You probably have more content to share than you know — with or without a blog.) Generating relevant content means writing in terms of the benefits your reader will get. That is, write about what your customers want to HEAR, not just about what you want to SAY. In doing so, you’ll gain their trust and convert your readers into loyal customers.
  2. Think QUALITY over QUANTITY. Your content needs to be stellar. The goal is to move customers forward into the article and then onto something else on YOUR SITE. Google looks to determine if the reader is engaged with your content. The amount of time a reader spends on your site matters. It’s not enough to get readers’ attention; you also need to keep it. Learn more about using keywords, telling a good story, and influencing your results through different tactics and tools in Why Content Marketing Is Like Playing a Video Game.
  3. Make your content SHAREABLE. This goes hand-in-hand with the aforementioned tips. Use social marketing to get your content out into the world. Become a thought leader so other content publishers become interested in linking back to your site. Google looks at link structure as a way of determining the value of your content as compared to others. Strong content earns more links; more links = better rankings.

Content marketing is important in today’s competitive marketplace, where everyone is vying for attention. Savvy marketers are using their own online real estate to get noticed. As people become more and more selective in whom they trust, the companies that have established themselves as knowledge sources will come out on top. This is a privilege that should not be taken lightly.

And remember: Content development and link-building take time. So get started now, before one of your competitors takes your place at the podium. Don’t let them steal your “educator thunder.”

P.S. Got a bad case of paralysis by analysis? Not sure where to start? We’ll get ya moving in the right direction. Give us a call, email us, or connect with me on LinkedIn to see how we can help you jump-start a content marketing program of your own.


Content Marketing Without a Blog

{Content Marketing Without a Blog} Can you do it with a blog? *Yes, sort of...So you already know WHY your business needs content marketing. Now you need to know HOW to do actually do it. The first step in kick-starting your content marketing initiative is simple:

Start a blog.

I can already see you squirming in your seat.

Can’t we do this “content marketing thing”
WITHOUT a blog?

The simple answer is: YES. You can do content marketing without a blog. But first ask yourself, “What is it about starting a business blog that makes you squirm?” Is it that you think:

  • Blogs are only for big businesses with huge marketing budgets?
  • Blogs are just online diaries used to voice your political views or share stories and pictures of your children?
  • You don’t have enough material to keep a blog going for your small business?

Maybe you just need to re-think what a blog could BE and DO for you.

The owner of a Montessori school sat across from me. I rambled on and on about how using a blog would be a great tool for her school. I received smiles and polite nods as I spoke. Halfway through I paused and asked, “Do you have any idea what I am talking about?” She laughed and said, “Not really.” Then I suggested:

Let’s ditch the term blog. Who needs it?

I tried again, but this time I replaced the word blog with the phrase “Parent Resource Center.” Her eyes lit up.  Suddenly the same explanation for this proposed section of her website and what it would include made perfect sense.

{Content Marketing Without a Blog} Can you do it with a blog? *Yes, sort of...So if the word blog makes you twitch, consider using a different, more applicable title for that section of your website.
Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Articles
  • Latest Updates
  • FAQs
  • News & Tips
  • Learning Center
  • Resource Center

The label makes no difference. These navigation titles all take your readers to a place on your website full of useful and engaging content. Sometimes the hang-ups to starting a new marketing approach vanish with a simple change in terminology.

So, now that you realize you can tap into the power of content marketing without a “blog” — you simply need to GET STARTED!

Got other roadblocks stopping you from implementing content marketing? Let me know. Let’s chat in the Comments below.

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