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How to choose the right email marketing platform

Choosing Email Platform

Email is a critical element of any B2B marketing program because it enables you to communicate with your customers and prospects on a schedule that you control. In addition, if you grow your email list over time, it can become a strategic asset that can help you grow your business. And, don’t forget that costs…

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Stop burning cash on these inefficient content marketing strategies

Stop Burning Cash

Would you stack bagfuls of cash into a crude pyramid, and then set it on fire? Of course not! That would be stupid, and you’re not stupid, so you’re not going to ignore inefficiencies in your content marketing initiative, are you? Here are five areas that are especially problematic: 1. You’re producing content, but it’s…

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Rock your list – it's your biggest asset

Rock Your List

Do you have a strategy for growing your email list and using it to communicate with your target audience on a consistent basis? If not, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Email isn’t a sexy topic, but it represents the backbone of nearly every successful content initiative and digital marketing success story you’ve ever heard about.…

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5 Tips for Better Results with Mobile Email Marketing

5 Tips for Better Results with Mobile Email Marketing

Mobile use is dominating online use, with more than 145 million Americans using their smartphones to work, shop, browse, and communicate. The number one smartphone activity? Yep. According to a study by IDC, checking email (78%) is the number one smartphone activity. These are big numbers, people. If you haven’t adapted your marketing emails to…

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Employee Pro Tip: Engaging Email Subject Lines


Engaging email subject lines are the biggest factor in getting your messages opened or not – make sure they are well-thought-out! These resources will help you create killer email subject lines: You Have 3 Seconds. Get My Attention. Liftoff Lead Generation with Opt-In Email Marketing Demystifying Email Open & Clickthrough Tracking 7 Ways to Ensure…

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Keeping Tabs on Gmail

Gmail Logo

If you’re an email marketer or you use Gmail (Google’s web-based email product), by now you’ve surely seen the next “email-marketing killer” — dun, dun, DUN — Gmail tabs. {If only there were an emoticon to better express my sarcasm here.} The internet is ripe with speculation about how businesses using email in their digital…

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Demystifying Email Open & Clickthrough Tracking


Ever wondered how email service providers can create tracking reports that show you exactly who opens and clicks on links in your messages? First, let’s “Geek it up” a little bit so you understand how an email moves through cyberspace and what enables you to view emails on your phone, tablet, or computer. Blasting an…

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Do You Know YOUR Email Sender Score? (You Should.)


A new trend you should know about is an increase in the importance of engagement metrics. This is good news for customers. Bad news for spammers. Email marketers who simply play the Numbers Game by harvesting email addresses and sending content to folks who haven’t asked to hear from them will start to see less…

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5 Tips to Outwit the “5-Second Rule” of Email Marketing


The Direct Marketing Association projected email marketing’s ROI at $39.40 for every dollar spent in 2012. Hot dog! Email is still a very viable form of communication to marketers today. However, we live in a highly technical and fast-paced world. The evolution of spam control is constantly changing, so you need to be smart to be…

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