3 Types of Killer Content to Slay Your Competition

3 Types of Killer Content to Slay Your Competition : As a business, your armor against the scourge of Google updates is high quality content.

Online shoppers have one goal. To find what they want. Sure, they want a good price and good shipping terms, and a company with a solid reputation and the right range of services—but what they really want most is enough information to make an informed decision…you know, to find what they want. The Google Gods…

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Employee Pro Tip: Connecting with One Person at a Time


Ready to really engage your target audience? Growth Cycle Marketing is a strategy that delivers! These additional resources will help you with connecting to your customers and prospects: 10 Brilliant Marketing Personalization Tips to Implement ASAP No Blog Traffic? Here’s a Simple Strategy to Seduce Readers and Win Clients If You’ve Got It, Use It (Data,…

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Happy Social Media Day from Cultivate Communications!

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Everyone at Cultivate is pumped up and ready to celebrate Social Media Day 2014 with crazy hashtags, social themed everything, and lots of laughs. Which hashtag-tee is your favorite? Looking for ways to celebrate Social Media Day in your city? Check out our previous blog post to find Social Media Day events near you AND…

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10 Social Media Resolutions for 2014


“New year, new game plan” — a phrase I’ve been repeating a lot lately. It’s not surprising that businesses’ marketing plans for the coming year revolve around increasing their social media, visual, and content marketing efforts. Has your business been ignoring the buzz? If so . . . Open up your eyes and ears, my…

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Are You Ready for a Retina Resolution REVOLUTION?


I pride myself on being on the frontlines of technological updates, standards, and breakthroughs so we can get out in front of new tools, programs, and approaches we’re going to need to keep pace with work, life, and everything in between. I like to prepare as best I can on all fronts. That being said,…

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