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How to make your blog posts as popular as a hit record

Popular As A Hit Record

One of the biggest roadblocks content marketers face is developing original, relevant and engaging content – content that people actually want to read and most importantly share with associates. Just like song writers, everyone wants their content (song) to be a hit and reach the number one spot on the charts. According to CMI’s 2015…

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5 Ways to Come Up with Fresh, New Content Marketing Ideas

Content Marketing Ideas ThinkstockPhotos 466489967

We have a confession… Whipping up fresh, new content marketing ideas? Sometimes it’s HARD. (Yes, even for us super-duper creative types!) It’s true. We’ve been in the content marketing biz for years, yet there are still times when we get stuck coming up with new ideas. It’s one thing to write a blog post title,…

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Top-Viewed Business TED Talks of All Time

Business Ted Talks

Here at Cultivate, we believe that marketing creativity is the ability to tap into our mental pool of resources — knowledge, information, insight, stats, examples — and combine them in unique ways. The larger the library of building blocks, the more visionary your ideas will grow to be. One of the best resources for finding…

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10 Paths to Outstanding Content Marketing

Are you stuck at a fork in the road, not sure where to tread to create great content? Check out: 10 Paths to Outstanding Content Marketing

Content is the beating heart of communication with your customers and prospects—but sometimes the process can feel like a maze to navigate. Are you stuck at a fork in the road, not sure where to tread to create great content? From business blog posts to tiny tweets to comprehensive eBooks, if you want your customers…

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5 (Un)Magical Ways to Draw in Customers with Content

5 (Un)Magical Ways to Draw in Customers with Content

Have you heard? Great website content attracts more prospects and results in higher conversion rates. More customers? Woohoo! But… How do you effectively create and shell out GREAT content to draw in those customers? You can’t just put stuff on a webpage and expect people to find it by magic. (Ok, you can, but it’s…

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The Best Ideas Start on a Napkin

121890184 (1)

Just imagine… Having casual conversations in local establishments, brainstorming ideas, coming up with creative ways to solve the world’s problems — all done in the company of a select few intelligent and influential people. A wealth of creativity originated on a serviette… how is that possible? It’s amazing how we accomplished things before we had…

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