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How Rockwell Automation's magazine became a powerful thought leadership tool

Rockwell Automation Magazine Thought Leadership Content Marketing

Rockwell Automation in Milwaukee has published a custom print magazine, The Journal, for 22 years. The Journal has been a trusted source of news, information, and education about factory automation. Cultivate recently caught up with Stanley A. Miller, Rockwell’s Global Customer Communications Editorial Lead, to learn more about how The Journal has helped Rockwell be perceived…

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WHY are you producing that content?

Why Produce That Content

Most companies are addicted to pumping out content, even though a bevy of research shows that’s not an effective strategy. According to the 2015 B2B Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends Report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 76% of marketers say they’re creating more content in 2016 than in 2015. Why? Because In many cases, they…

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Cultivate's new content strategy newsletter: AMPLIFY

AMPLIFY Content Strategy Newsletter From Cultivate Communications

Get ready for a lot of new ideas to help grow your business! Cultivate has launched a new content strategy newsletter that offers exclusive insights into this critically important facet of modern content marketing. This monthly e-newsletter, called Amplify, will contain strategic advice to help companies unlock growth opportunities by aligning themselves with the way…

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Your content better be relevant and valuable – or else!

Tough Questions About Content Marketing

Tough questions about content marketing What tangible value does your content provide to your target audience? If it’s not valuable and relevant, they will ignore it. Worse yet, they may start to ignore any communication from your company. Trust us – you DON’T want that! Learn how content marketing can help you focus on the…

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Data: The most valuable (but little understood) benefit of content marketing

Data Valuable Benefit Of Content Marketing

Content marketing has received a lot of coverage in the business media and blogosphere for its power to cultivate strong relationships with current and prospective customers. What many people don’t realize, however, is that it generates a wealth of data that can help marketers increase the effectiveness of their content initiatives. From page email opens…

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Does your content deliver value to your audience?

Tough Questions

Tough questions about content marketing Are you truly connecting with your prospects and providing value to them, based upon their needs? The company that does this best in your industry will win. Learn how content marketing can help in our guide, Side Door Thinking: A CEO’s Guide to Understanding Content Marketing.

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Content marketing: Where should you start?

Content Marketing Where Should You Start

So you’ve decided to begin a content marketing initiative. But where do you start? There are so many options. Which audience segment should you focus on first? What part of their buyer journey should you address with your content?

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