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I would never label myself as a “coder” or “programmer,” I can get by with basic code to make my blogs work, but that’s where the story ends. It’s an area I’d like to improve upon so when I saw this GOOD article about Etsy providing scholarships for women who were accepted into the summer Hacker School program to learn or improve their programming skills, the story received a double fist pump from yours truly.

Programming is undoubtedly a male-dominated profession, but Marc Hedlund, Etsy’s VP of Engineering, acknowledges that men seem to use a site like Etsy in a different way than women. With such a female dominated user-ship (thousands of women sellers selling to thousands of women buyers), it only makes sense to want to add women to his programming team who might approach the user-experience differently.

As a handcrafter-blogger with a day job in digital marketing, the partnership of Etsy and Hacker School seems like a natural fit.


Etsy Seller :: LilikSha

So what’s the deal? Etsy will be handing out $5,000 scholarships to 10 women that get accepted to Hacker School in NYC. Why? While there are already efforts being made to reach girls at a younger age to generate interest in programming, Hedlund wants to see change sooner than that.

Sadly, the deadline is past for applications for the summer program. But you can sign up for notifications for the fall by going through this grants page.

Etsy is not the first to take notice, there’s also “Girl Develop It” which offers female-oriented coding classes as well as other small groups popping up worldwide. I look forward to seeing more programs develop (and hopefully join in soon!).

What do you think about the imbalance of Dave-to-Girl ratio? How would the internet be different if women designed it? Leave a comment.