A CEO's Guide to Posting on Social Media


Are you a CEO or company leader who’s afraid to hit the ‘Share’ button? You’re not alone. Leadpostaphobia™ [lead·post·a·pho·bi·a] noun a persistent fear of posting on social media platforms while in a leadership role (see: CEO and C-Suite Executives) Social media has become one of the most influential technologies in the history of marketing and…

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Looking for Social Networking Value? CEOs Link In To LinkedIn Groups


Of all the social networks that have edged to the forefront of the Web, LinkedIn has proven to be of immense value to folks in the business world. Besides offering professionals a personal profile, options to showcase one’s portfolio or the prospect of drumming up new business, the social network provides a myriad of tools…

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Why CEOs Need to See Their Marketing Metrics


I am sure you have financial metrics, operating metrics, and sales metrics. But does your company have marketing metrics? Good marketing metrics need to make it onto your CEO dashboard. Marketing done WELL can generate fantastic results, brand awareness, and targeted communications via customized channels. Marketing done poorly will simply be a financial drain on…

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