Why sales and marketing alignment is a must

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To engage today’s demanding B2B customers more effectively, marketing and sales must collaborate across the entire buying process in ways that provide exceptional value to them. A strategic combination of marketing and personalized sales touches can move your prospects toward a sale faster and give them greater confidence that they’re making the right decision. Highly-aligned…

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Stay top-of-mind throughout the buying process

Stay top-of-mind in the buying process

To keep your company top of mind, you must communicate with your prospects on a regular basis. But the average business person is bombarded by hundreds of messages per day, making it a challenging task for even the most seasoned marketers. The secret There’s a secret to ensure that your brand captures a top spot…

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Don't guess at what motivates your target audience

Tough Questions Audience Presonasd

Tough questions about content marketing Are you guessing at what motivates your target audience? If so, your content may be going to waste. Why not develop detailed personas for each of your audience segments, and then map their buyers’ journeys? You’ll be much more focused on their needs. Don’t guess – know! Learn how in…

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