Can’t tell a great story? Your failure may already be written

B2B Storytelling Do It Well Or Your Marketing Will Fail

Today’s demanding B2B marketing requires more than a great brand, a suite of marketing tools or thoughtful strategy. It requires all that – plus storytelling. Some of the most successful companies have harnessed the power of storytelling to advance their brands and create powerful – and profitable – emotional connections with customers. Forging these connections…

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The building blocks of an effective lead nurturing program

The Building Blocks Of An Effective Lead Nurturing Program

In our last post, we shared our perspectives about the importance of a B2B lead nurturing strategy. Today, we’re outlining the components commonly found in an effective nurturing program. 1. Alignment with sales. A lead nurture program is ultimately a structured plan for marketing and sales to work together to increase engagement and sell faster…

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Marketing planning (Where to even start?!)

Tips And Resources For 2021 Marketing Planning

Wow! Could there be a stranger and more chaotic year to assess, digest and attempt to learn from? There’s no doubt that 2020 has forced us as marketing and sales professionals to: Adapt, Pivot, Re-invent and Re-imagine. This agile mindset will serve our profession well as we speed into 2021. It’s time to utilize it…

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