Is Your Web Design Killing Your Marketing?

Web Design Marketing

Your most valuable digital business asset is your website. The ROI of your online marketing strategy depends on the quality of your visitor experience. The bottom line of every marketing strategy is conversion. When a visitor lands on your website, you want him to take action: sign up for your email list, learn something that…

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5 Things Your Manufacturing Website Needs Right NOW

More than 45% of B2B buyers say they research solutions online to narrow down their choice of vendors and 78% said websites influenced their buying decisions.

Maybe you’re a manufacturer that doesn’t sell directly to the public—so why worry about what’s on your website? While plenty of manufacturers still depend on tried-and-true marketing tactics (including cold calling, mailing out printed catalogs and attending trade shows), there’s another highly effective marketing method on the block that’s about to help you do even…

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10 Reasons Why Your Customers Leave Your Website

Exit Sign

If you’re getting the clicks and not the sales, it’s time to take an objective look at what might be driving your customers to your competitors. – Cultivate Communications It’s the eternal question—what makes a website sticky? Ok, maybe not exactly eternal, but certainly foremost on the minds of business owners who need smart marketing. When…

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Is Your Website Good Enough?

Website Center Marketing

When I talk to business owners about their marketing, the conversation usually gravitates to a discussion about their website. It’s only natural. Your website is the center of your marketing universe. Many times, I hear “Our site is good enough as is.” Some of the reasons they offer for this response include: “We’re keepin’ busy,…

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Does Your Website Achieve Your Business Goals?


In today’s wired world, small businesses simply must have a web presence to succeed. Unfortunately, the website you built even 5 years ago is as outdated as a rotary phone. It’s sad, but true . . . Simply having a website is no guarantee that new customers can find you online. Large search engines like…

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