Motivational Monday: Outsmart Your Competition

Analyze, Learn, Grow

“Successful people never worry about what other people are doing. Instead, they analyze, learn and grow.” —Cultivate Communications

When you were in elementary school, did you ever try to look at your neighbor’s paper? Were you ever (way too) concerned about what your peers were doing, instead of focusing on your own work?

Unfortunately, some of us never got over the need to constantly compare ourselves to others. But you’re all grown up now, so you have a choice: you can constantly worry about the competition and how they’re doing, or you can learn from your competition, then focus on the road before you and successfully navigate from your own lane. It’s not easy (especially when your competition wins an award or shows up in a great news story).

Yes, know your industry and understand what’s happening around you. But instead of copying or constantly comparing, peek over and learn from your competitor’s mistakes. Constantly comparing ourselves to those around us won’t help us be innovative or the best. However, awareness, knowledge, and analysis of your competition helps level the playing field.

When you’re feeling hyper-focused on dissecting your competition, it might be time to take a healthy step back…

First, focus on your customers. How do you help your customers solve problems? What are you bringing to your customers that no one else can deliver? How do your customers feel about your products and services? What is your brand story and why does it resonate with your prospects? What values do your customers associate with your business?

Next, focus on your business. Your business is unique! Just as each person is unique, there’s literally no other business or organization exactly like you. (Cool, hey?) Understand what makes you special and play off your strengths. Keep an eye on your analytics; keep your project plan strong and your goals ambitious. Present your story to your customers with more authority than the competition and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, already!

Learn about your competitor and analyze their mistakes to keep your business on the forefront of innovation in your industry. Don’t worry when you think they’re outperforming you. Instead, arm yourself with knowledge, focus on your customers and your business, and power through with smarts, strength and determination.

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