4 Ways Small B2B Businesses Can Nab More Sales

Advertising Greatness

Small B2B businesses face complex problems in today’s marketplace. You’re dealing with stiff competition from global importers who drive down prices and, at the same time, trying to get a foothold in an industry full of well-established and anchored domestic competitors. If you can’t offer the lowest prices or the lightning-fast service of big, high-volume…

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3 Big Ways Top B2B Companies Retain More Customers

3 Big Ways Top B2B Companies Retain More Customers: Great Example of Creating Helpful User Tools

For B2B, nurturing existing customers is even more important than in B2C. Your business depends on recurring business—and oftentimes from fewer clients. You need a revenue stream that flows every month…you’re not just luring in random new customers with “The Biggest Sale of the Year.” The customer retention danger zone? Complacency. Assuming your customers are…

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How to Educate a New Breed of B2B Prospects to BUY


Each prospective customer has different needs as they progress through their buying journey. In the world of “BIG TICKET” purchases for items like houses or cars — or costly products like enterprise business software — buyers move through a natural cycle of educating themselves about the item before making a decision to buy. Someone just…

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