3 Secrets to Gaining More Prospective Customers AND Skilled Manufacturing Workers — in One Shot

Prospective Customers

Amidst the resurgence of Milwaukee manufacturing, successful manufacturers are looking for the best ways to bring in both new customers AND qualified employees. Why not streamline the process and craft your content marketing strategy to achieve both objectives? Here’s how… Entice Skilled Manufacturing Workers with Great Content Attracting a new generation of skilled workers? You’ll…

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Knocking Modern Manufacturing Up a Notch: How to Attract Top Talent

Top Talent

In the 1950s, manufacturing was the answer to the American dream. High paying, secure jobs with benefits meant a strong middle class and a booming economy. In the aftermath of World War II, nearly 40% of Americans worked in the manufacturing industry. Youngsters aspired to a career in manufacturing and a nice split-level ranch house…

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This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Assembly Line: Creative Recruitment to Bring in Young Manufacturing Talent

CAT Excavators Play Jenga

Manufacturing was once the cornerstone of a middle-class lifestyle…the American Dream. A high-paying union job that would allow you all the comforts of life: a house, a car, a vacation every year, and even college for your kids. Today, perception has changed. While manufacturing got more high-tech, its reputation was tarnished. Even though manufacturing jobs…

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