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Week 6 :: Fred Bell

As I keep saying, time is just flying by with each week that we welcome a new artist. For week 6 of our 7 weeks, we have Fred Bell in the cubicle. He works in oils and has produced many portraits both of himself and of others that convey a playfulness and a sense of…

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Video Interview with Patricia Obletz

Alright, a longer (but not too long) interview of Patricia and me is up on YouTube. Take a peak. Sorry the sound is a little weird, our little Flip camera can only do so much! – Colleen P.S. Come back next week, it’s week 2 of the art studio cubicle.

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Week 1 :: Patricia Obletz

Today is our second day with Patricia Obletz creating works of art in our cubicle. She’s been whipping up a set of paintings on canvas using acrylics and pastels. Her use of vibrant colors is really refreshing. A little bit about Patricia… Patricia Obletz is a renowned artist that has come to live in Milwaukee…

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