A CEO's Guide to Posting on Social Media


A CEO's Guide to Posting on Social Media *great marketing tipsAre you a CEO or company leader who's afraid to hit the ‘Share’ button? You’re not alone.

Leadpostaphobia™ [lead·post·a·pho·bi·a]
a persistent fear of posting on social media platforms while in a leadership role (see: CEO and C-Suite Executives)

Social media has become one of the most influential technologies in the history of marketing and advertising. It has made companies, celebrities, and thought leaders amazingly accessible to the general public.

So what does that mean for companies trying to make their mark on the social world? One simple answer: Your CEO needs to play along.

Today’s consumers dig deep into the companies they're buying from. They want to know exactly WHO they're supporting. Shoppers are following companies on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn — anywhere they can get information on who these companies and people really are.

But when it comes to the C-Suite, the biggest problem is that many CEOs don’t know IF they should post to social networks. Even more, they don’t know WHAT they should post, or often WHERE to even start.

A CEO's 10-Step Guide to Posting on Social Media

This simple 10-step guide will be your prescription to living a socially fulfilling life while avoiding a case of Leadpostabphobia.

  1. Have your social media specialist hold a training session for your C-Suite. Become familiar with each platform and which benefits (like joining Groups) each has to offer.
  2. Create your own profile. It should should be separate from your general company page.
  3. Share content from your company page — have pride in what you’ve built!
  4. Share photos or videos of events you attend and present at.
  5. Post about your company's events. Don't forget to add links and photos.
  6. Have conversations with others in your industry. Social media is a great networking tool — especially LinkedIn.
  7. ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE! People are following you for a reason. They want to hear what you have to say and engage with you. Don't ignore them or they may start ignoring YOU.
  8. Show some humility. Don’t be afraid to share your favorite quotes or the team you're rooting for in the Super Bowl this year.
  9. Don't be intimidated. Use your social media specialists, HR department, and other industry leaders as reliable resources.
  10. Realize that times are changing and this is just another outlet to expand your business and growth — embrace it and enjoy it!

Additional Resources

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