3 Important Questions to Ask Before You Add Social Media to Your Recruitment Efforts


Having trouble finding qualified employees? Your best bet: Add social media strategy to your recruitment efforts to attract more skilled workers. If your organization lacks social media presence, your recruitment team could be missing out on incredible new talent to fill your ranks from C-suite to manufacturing floor.

A 2014 Jobvite report states companies “who used social media to hire found a 49% improvement in candidate quality” over candidates sourced through traditional recruiting channels alone.

Today’s qualified job candidates inspect your company top to bottom, from your website to your LinkedIn account to your Twitter feed. Social media is huge nowadays and it's changed how successful companies (specifically manufacturers) recruit top talent.

3 important questions to ask before you get started with social media:

What makes your company appealing to top-tier job candidates?
Talk to your top employees. What company characteristics attracted your recent hires? What qualities were most appealing? (Company culture? Benefits? Belief in your vision? Your production process?) WHY did they want to pursue a position at your company?

Is your social media strategy laser-focused on the wants and needs of your ideal future employees?
Proctor & Gamble offers up tons of great content specifically designed to continually "attract, recruit, reward, and advance the finest people in the world." P&G highlights their sustainability efforts on multiple social media channels. It's just one example of how they hone in on their message, then spread the word to attract like-minded job prospects. Find informative and creative ways to ensure your company’s selling points are right out there in the open for all those great job candidates to see.

What can we do to stay top-of-mind with TOP candidates?
Keep your candidate pipeline full and engaged by showing your social media stuff at trade shows, job fairs, and industry events. Face-time opportunities really allow you to connect with industry influencers in person, paving the way for future social media interactions that get you noticed by qualified job prospects.

There’s no doubt your social media presence will influence a top candidate’s perception of your company.
Are you taking full advantage of the opportunity?