10 Reasons Your Social Media Efforts Are an Ultimate FAIL


Let's face facts — your social media efforts have bombed… BIG TIME. How is that even possible?

You're on all the social networks. You have a brilliantly designed header photo. You promote your awesome products and services. So, what gives?

While you sit there and scratch your head, wondering where you went wrong, let me save you some time!

10 Reasons Your Social Media Efforts Are an Ultimate FAIL

These 10 common social media mistakes might be the reason your in-box isn't overflowing with notifications.

1. You post at the wrong times.

Are you targeting CEOs and posting your content at 8 a.m. on a Monday? Let me fill you in… Very few CEOs go to the office on a Monday morning eager to check their Twitter feeds. Choose times that are realistic for your target audience. (Oh, and most CEOs check their social media channels Tuesday through Thursday, either BEFORE or AFTER business hours.)

 2. You don’t provide opportunities to engage.

Are you acting like a controlling parent on your social channels? “Do this — not that. This is the right way — This is the wrong way." Well, stop it. Start asking questions. Give your audience the opportunity to engage with you. Instead of saying, “This is the best way to boost company morale — check it out!” Try this, “We loved this team-building exercise. It really brought our team closer! Got an effective morale booster of your own? Tell us about it!”

 3. You don’t give 'em something to look at.

People like visuals. This isn’t a secret, but a lot of people seem to ignore this powerful piece of social. It doesn’t always have to be a photo, either — Start sharing videos, infographics, or GIFs with your posts. In the constant world of scrolling mini-feeds, you need to stand out! Here's a helpful hint: Babies and puppies are a crowd favorite. (Really. Try it and see for yourself!)

 4. You aren’t sharing other people’s content or not crediting them when you do.

Social media is not the place to be narcissistic. And the world of "hiding from the competition" ended when Facebook introduced the company page. Don’t be afraid to share relevant content and posts from leaders in the industry. Newsflash — These people are credible! If you continue to share their content, they will more than likely do the same. Best scenario? They re-tweet your post and thank you for sharing their content, and their followers see it! Can you say, "FREE ENDORSEMENT"?

Social TwitterTwitter Tip — The easiest way to credit someone for a post is by putting
“via @UsernameHere” at the end of your post after the link.

Social Media
5. You're on the wrong social platforms.

If you’re a diaper company and you’re targeting new mommies, why are you putting all of your focus on LinkedIn? Not many new moms are talking with CEOs or marketing executives about parenting ideas. (For the record, Facebook and Pinterest would be your best platforms in this case.)

So, before you go all gung-ho with your social media, step back and do some company soul searching. WHO is your target audience and WHERE do they spend their time online? Once you figure that out — go THERE!

 6. Your employees aren’t sharing your content.

This is one of the most difficult things a social media manager has to deal with: getting your co-workers to share company content. The power of a share and like, especially on LinkedIn, is huge. The goal is to go viral — The more shares, likes, re-tweets, and shouts from the rooftops, the BETTER.

10 Reasons Your Social Media Efforts Are an Ultimate FAIL: Lack of employee involvement
7. You aren’t fun.

Sorry if that sounds harsh — but it’s true. It’s called social networking for a reason. People like to see photos of your company events, motivational quotes, and fun satire pieces here and there. So let me ask you one question — Why so serious?

 8.  You’re practically a personal cheerleader for your company.

There is an 80/20 rule in social media: 80% of your content should be information that interests your audience and engages them in conversations, and 20% of your content should be promoting your brand. Stop trying to sell on your social media channels; that’s not what they're there for. Social is there for educating, relationship building, and retention. Stop slapping “SALE!” or “We got ANOTHER award!” on your Tweet — no one cares. (Again, sorry to sound so harsh.)

 9. You're skimping on your social time.

Hootsuite 2Sharing a post on LinkedIn once a week, a tweet here and there, and updating your status on Facebook when you "feel like it" is not enough. If you aren’t consistent on social networks, you will fail — I promise you. Your social media managers should always be watching and listening for opportunities to post valuable content and engage potential (and existing) business.

Helpful Tip: Use automatic scheduling tools like Hootsuite to post on your social channels.

10. You’re comparing your 'Miss Mary’s Cappuccino Corner' to Starbucks.

If you are a small Mom-and-Pop Shop and you're constantly comparing yourself to the Big Boys, you'll get discouraged very quickly.

10 Reasons Your Social Media Efforts Are an Ultimate FAIL

It’s vital to have high expectations and goals for your company, but don’t let them get out of hand when it comes to social. Remember, you may have only 400 followers, but 300 of them could  be locals who admire and appreciate those quirky little quotes you write on each cup of Joe. Stick with what you know and what you’re good at — You don’t have to keep up with the social Joneses.

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