Buckley Tree

Buckley “grows” its business with new website and communication channels

Buckley “The Tree Care Specialists” provide professional tree and shrub consultations for all of Southeastern Wisconsin. Their certified arborists evaluate customers’ plants, diagnose any plant health issues and determine the best treatment options.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Design and Development
  • Collateral Design and Development

Marketing Strategy

Cultivate helped position Buckley Tree as a firm that is focused on the health of its customers’ trees.

Cultivate refocused Buckley around its deep expertise in tree care. From its new tagline of “The Tree Care Specialists” to the extensive resources on its website, Buckley demonstrates themselves as experts in Tree and Plant Health Care.


Collateral Design & Development

Cultivate designs Buckley’s annual fall newsletter, which provides advice on how to keep your yard healthy and is mailed to its customer list.

Website Design & Development

Cultivate provided Buckley with a professional-looking, inviting website design, which replaced its old “tree navigation” website. Within a prominent “hero” image on the home page, a large red button invites visitors to ask a question. This implies that Buckley is easy to do business with. Enhanced messaging throughout their new website educates visitors about pests, and caring for their health of their trees. Buckley breaks the ice with their visitors by asking them to upload pest images for answers.

The thought of rethinking and rebuilding our web site was overwhelming; however, teaming up with Cultivate, the actual process went very smoothly. We love its clean, professional look, which presents a strong and updated brand image for Buckley. It also gives us new ways to engage with our clients and prospects.

Tim Harris

President, Buckley Tree Service

More Projects

WFA Staffing

WFA Staffing connects great people with great companies.


WFA Staffing was in need of a new website. They knew they’d outgrown their traditional-style site, so they were ready to flip the switch and shift their look and feel to connect with more prospects, and to attract and engage with more customers.


Cultivate and WFA Staffing worked together to define their unique value proposition, then we dug deep to discover how to use it to attract more qualified leads. With a clear understanding of their value proposition in place, we were ready to design a great new website, packed with strategically integrated imagery and content that their future and current customers were after. Their new website offered a better user experience for both customers and back-end users, complete with responsive design and social media integration—and backed with effective outreach to solidify their new image.

Our experience with Cultivate in designing our new website was exceptional. What stood out most was their desire to really know and understand our organization while focusing on our need to stay within our timeline and budget. We really enjoyed working with the entire team at Cultivate. All our expectations were met but most importantly, we have received many compliments on the new design which favorably impacted our business. The website is representative of who we are and it is the result of great collaboration with the team at Cultivate taking time to work with our staff to meet our company’s needs. Tom Krist

President, WFA Staffing

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SwickTech Website Screenshot


Cultivate and SwickTech worked together to establish strong, consistent messaging and design and develop a comprehensive new website.

SwickTech provides full-service outsourced IT solutions to businesses of every size and across a variety of industries. By providing their signature IT stability, Swick offers reliable, consistent IT and freedom from IT security worries.



SwickTech needed more than a new website; they needed an exciting new way to attract more customers and become more well-known as thought leaders in the outsourced IT industry.


Cultivate and SwickTech team worked together to establish strong, consistent messaging and design and develop a comprehensive new website. We also developed a combined content and social Growth Cycle Marketing strategy designed to reinforce the value they offer, engage with their target audience and drum up a sizable following.

Cultivate was able to quickly understand our business and target market. They designed an impressive website for SwickTech. In addition, their knowledge and advice on marketing strategies has been very helpful. The team at Cultivate is great to work with and I would highly recommend Cultivate to any company looking for help with their website design and marketing strategies.

Tammi Barrett

Administrative & Marketing Manager, SwickTech

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Magellan Promotions

WFA Staffing Group Website Screenshot

Magellan Promotions shows their stuff and grows their business.

Magellan Promotions generates creative promotional ideas and produces promotional materials to support corporate and collegiate campaigns.


Magellan has much more to offer than the average promotional materials producer; they’re Idea Explorers with a passion for applying their creativity to ensure successful promotional campaigns. After 9 years and 5 different websites, they were ready for an easy-to-update site that truly showcased their people and their talent.


Cultivate and Magellan staff worked together to create a fabulous brand-new website (complete with custom photography) to show off what this team of Idea Explorers can really do. We built their new website on WordPress and trained their internal team to make site changes with ease.

I highly recommend Cultivate Communications for their website and branding work. Cultivate listened to what is important about our company and then put together a plan to digitally reflect what makes us different and unique. We are in an extremely crowded field and we truly believe our website is different than almost any other in our industry and that it reflects our unique features. We are constantly complimented on our new website and we have Cultivate Communications to thank for that.

Michael Wolaver

President, Magellan Promotions LLC

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HealthStyle Press

HSP Website Screenshot

HealthStyle Press uses effective design to help customers navigate their product line.

HealthStyle Press designs, produces and develops personal health guides and offers both printed and video products that help individuals lead a healthy lifestyle.


HealthStyle Press needed to streamline their product catalog to meet their customers’ needs. They were looking for creative ways to visually organize the content to ensure customers were quickly and effortlessly directed to THE right products.


HealthStyle Press and Cultivate Communications worked together to design a clear, well organized product catalog detailing each health education product’s description and the clear benefits to the end user. This new, visually compelling guide was created with effective design in mind, so their customers could quickly and easily understand how to locate and view products specific to their area of interest.

When looking for a fresh approach to creating a new product catalog we turned to Cultivate Communications. Cultivate was able to develop a new design that organized and presented our products in a more intuitive manner. The creative was refreshing and resulted in a cleaner more easily read catalog. We loved working with Cultivate!

Jayne Ruelle

Marketing Coordinator, HealthStyle Press

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