Raphael refurbishes its brand in the medical device market

Raphael Industries refurbishes medical devices to allow the manufacturer to maximize the useful life of the equipment and lower costs.

  • Raphael was looking to more effectively communicate their capabilities to prospective customers.
  • 90% of their sales came from two clients and they needed to define a position in the market that
    would allow them to diversify their sales. Their existing website didn’t convey a strong enough
    story about their capabilities or their proven processes.
  • Additionally, their site didn’t provide new prospects with enough comfort that Raphael is a worldclass
Raphael Industries Project Logo
  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Design and Development
  • Content Writing
  • Collateral Design and Development

Brand Identity

Cultivate helped Raphael strengthen their value proposition to appeal to new prospective customers in the medical device market. We did this by amplifying the fact that their proven processes deliver a defined ROI to the manufacturer.

Marketing Strategy

Using our “Marketing Foundations” exercise, Cultivate was able to reposition Raphael’s capabilities and processes as well as develop a marketing message that works across all client communications.

Web Design and Development

We developed a new website for Raphael with a more contemporary look and revised logo that more clearly and immediately communicated its value proposition to prospective clients.

Content Writing

We wrote all-new copy for the Raphael website emphasizing Raphael’s precision processes and accountability standards, along with how they translate to a better bottom line for its clients.

Collateral Design and Development

We developed collateral materials that carry our new messaging into its new print sales materials in an engaging way. These new collateral pieces include Raphael’s updated branding.

We needed to present a more polished, professional look, while informing customers about our process orientation. Between the new logo (designed by Cultivate) and the new website, we are on our way toward achieving that.

Steve Cronce

President, Raphael Industries, Inc.