Heinn Chapman  expands its brand to emphasize custom fabrication.

Heinn Chapman has been helping businesses find practical, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to their information packaging projects since 1855. The company is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom heat-sealed, turned edge, sewn, and presentation packaging products. Heinn Chapman is known for its consistently high product quality and responsiveness to customer needs.

  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Design and Development
  • Collateral Design and Development

Brand Identity

To help Heinn Chapman grow, we repositioned their brand to be more idea-driven, customer-focused and committed to quality. We also gave them a more contemporary logo.

Marketing Strategy

We updated the company logo to give Heinn Chapman a more contemporary look. We also rebuilt their website to make product information easier to find and content easier to modify. It is a responsive design, which delivers an excellent customer experience to people who visit it on any mobile devices.

Website Redesign

The rebranding and new website design makes Heinn Chapman look larger than it is, and draws greater attention to the breadth of its product line and the depth of its expertise in presentation materials and custom fabrication. The new website includes an idea center, which highlights the unique items Heinn Chapman can fabricate for its clients.

Collateral Materials

In addition to the redesigned website, we also produced new business cards for Heinn Chapman executives, to provide a uniform brand image for the company, online and offline.

We came to Cultivate because we really needed a new website. But we got much more than we bargained for. They created a refreshed brand image that is helping our company to grow. It’s also much easier for our customers to see the real value we can offer to them. Thanks, Cultivate!

Jim Bullock

VP of Operations, Heinn Chapman