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HealthStyle Press uses effective design to help customers navigate their product line.

HealthStyle Press designs, produces and develops personal health guides and offers both printed and video products that help individuals lead a healthy lifestyle.


HealthStyle Press needed to streamline their product catalog to meet their customers’ needs. They were looking for creative ways to visually organize the content to ensure customers were quickly and effortlessly directed to THE right products.


HealthStyle Press and Cultivate Communications worked together to design a clear, well organized product catalog detailing each health education product’s description and the clear benefits to the end user. This new, visually compelling guide was created with effective design in mind, so their customers could quickly and easily understand how to locate and view products specific to their area of interest.

When looking for a fresh approach to creating a new product catalog we turned to Cultivate Communications. Cultivate was able to develop a new design that organized and presented our products in a more intuitive manner. The creative was refreshing and resulted in a cleaner more easily read catalog. We loved working with Cultivate!

Jayne Ruelle

Marketing Coordinator, HealthStyle Press

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