Contact: MaryAnn Long
Agency Director


Cultivate Communications Wins With Revenue Nirvana

Brookfield, WI — Winner of the 2023 Web Excellence Award for Content Marketing - Revenue Nirvana

In the realm of marketing, storytelling has long been revered as a powerful tool to captivate audiences and foster brand engagement. Surprisingly, while storytelling is often a cornerstone of B2C marketing strategies, its incorporation into the landscape of B2B marketing has historically been more sparing. Recognizing this discrepancy, our agency is set to break new ground by unveiling a B2B fable about Revenue Operations.

Cultivate Communications, a full-service growth marketing agency, announces the release of Revenue Nirvana, an innovative B2B business fable. The lively and comical “edu-tainment” fable follows the story of a CEO and her journey to find and implement an operational strategy to accelerate her team’s sales and revenue results, demonstrating Cultivate Communications' proprietary data-driven growth marketing strategy throughout the story.

Cultivate Communications’ Agency Director, MaryAnn Long, described the goal in developing this content. "In crafting our B2B fable, we focused on more than just conveying information. We wanted to inspire and foster a deeper understanding of what it takes to launch Revenue Operations initiatives. This narrative journey serves to humanize the business process and break down the confines of traditional B2B content."

The engrossing fable lays out a seven-phase go-to-market strategy for data-driven and customer-centric revenue operation, modeling how the CEO’s cross-functional team works in tandem to bring it to life. However, the true lesson that resonates is that tech-enabled marketing campaigns should be inherently entertaining as they are directive and informative and Cultivate Communications has positioned its team at the apex of storytelling and quantifiable communications strategy.

The Cultivate Communications teams hope this inspires organizations seeking equally creative and effective marketing strategies to think outside the box and reimagine their approach to B2B content creation. One of the most memorable facets of the story is the choose-your-own-adventure ending, proving that marketers are truly in charge of their company’s fate.

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About Cultivate Communications: In today’s overly competitive selling environment, you must think differently to stand out from your competition. At Cultivate Communications, we help your marketing and sales teams with a science-and-art approach to reaching your revenue objectives. By leveraging a growth marketing strategy, we work to understand your customer’s mindset, speak their language, and, ultimately, optimize your sales and marketing efforts to win more deals.