The Manifesto

1. Everything We Do Starts With The Customer

Our first goal is to get inside the heads of your customers and figure what they’re thinking. This approach helps us develop imaginative messaging that will influence the way customers think and feel about your brand.

2. Meaningful Messaging

Effective marketing’s secret sauce is creating meaningful messaging. That means messages using words and pictures that are both relevant and that resonate with your customer.

3. Matching It All To The Way People Buy

Our method is to purposely align well crafted messaging with the way your customers buy. When and where your customers are in the buying process affects the words & images we choose.

4. Story Tellers

We’ll develop a clear structure for your brand’s story and identify what ignites it. Our narrative will instill a strong belief about your brand in the mind of your customer. Simply put, we’ll make you special again and get your Mojo moving and shaking.

We Believe

1. Effective marketing begins with the customer.

2. Influencing the way people think and feel through story telling is our focus.

3. Making your message meaningful and delivering it when and where the customer is willing to hear it is our mission.

4. Over time, increasing your brand’s likability will bring results.

5. A long term focus is what it takes to grow your business.

6. Marketing that supports sales always moves the needle.

Are We Really That Different?

Everyone on Cultivate’s leadership team has extensive, rubber-hits-the-road sales experience. We understand intimately how marketing should provide the tools that help your staff identify and close deals. Marketing that supports sales moves the needle.

A Band of Merry Marketers

Small in size but powerful in solutions

Agency Director
Director of Marketing / Troublemaker
Managing Director
Art Director
Director of Content Marketing
Web Developer/Tech Geek

We work to combine clever strategies, imaginative messaging & design along with creative delivery in such away that people know your brand is unquestionably and beyond a shadow of a doubt, special.