How to Grow Your Business on a Shoestring Budget


How to Grow Your Business on a Shoestring Budget by Cultivate CommunicationsAll companies face the challenge of how to grow their business. Since today’s customers have more buying options than ever before, getting them to notice you amid the sea of choices is challenging, to say the least.

Should you use social media, email, or direct mail to get your name out? And how can you grow your business when many businesses are on a shoestring budget? The answer, my friend, is . . .

Use your CREATIVITY to market your business!

Creativity benefits your business in two ways:

1. Creativity leads to unique ideas. Your idea could be a gimmick or a promotion that breaks through the clutter and screams at people to pay attention to you and your brand. Customers love messages that are unique, funny, and memorable. If you can come up with an idea that delivers on any — or ALL — of those qualities, you have a chance to grab your customers’ attention. For inspiration, take a look at the creative strategies these companies used to make a name for themselves.

2. Unique ideas have the potential to go viral.
If customers have a unique experience with a business, they’ll tell other people about it. There’s no better way to grow a business than through word of mouth. And the best thing about word-of-mouth advertising is — it’s FREE! In today’s clutter of business choices, people want to buy from businesses they enjoy working with. And they want to leave feeling WOWED and appreciated. If they get that experience from you, they’ll become a SUPERFAN and spread the word to friends and family.

So stop doing what everyone else in your industry is doing. Find a way to make your business STAND OUT and really excite your customers. Your enthusiasm will be contagious, and your business will take off.

PS: If you’re struggling to find that perfect idea, call us at Cultivate to have our creative team come up with the next big thing to get your brand noticed.