Marty McFly and Doc Brown made some audacious predictions about what life would look like in 2015 in “Back to the Future, Part II.” Well, they came pretty darn close.

2014 was a big year for the digital world: Google’s algorithm changes threw everyone for a loop, Google Glass scared the daylights out of people (while still intriguing us to no end), and of course the introduction of the iPhone 6.

Print Trends in 2015

As advanced as the digital world has become, the world of print has its own changes coming this year. Here are some print trends to watch for in 2015:

  1. A more strategic approach to print. In the past, print was viewed as a tactical commodity, plain and simple. You order a brochure, poster, or magazine for an event or your office waiting room, and that was it. In 2015, we will see a more strategic approach to print. Using integrated marketing efforts, printed pieces will be only a piece to your marketing strategy. Print will now have tactical AND strategic purpose.
  2. More creative and interactive print pieces. Just like digital technology, print technology is always changing. This New Year, businesses will look at unique spins on print efforts. Think printed pieces that will not only catch the attention of their audience, but pieces so beautiful people will snap a photo of it and share it on their social media accounts.
  3. Digital and print will continue to merge. People are getting busier by the minute. No one has time to deal with five different vendors at a time anymore. In 2015, customers will be looking for one-stop-shops for their marketing efforts. Printing companies will continue to merge with other digital agencies to increase their appeal and value to potential clients.
  4. Content will reign king. Content marketing took off in 2014, and will continue to trump everything in 2015. The message and content on a printed piece will be vital to its success. How to accomplish this? Through strategic, creative, and effective content marketing efforts.
  5. Print sales shift. The approach to selling print will also change in 2015. Sales representatives will have a multi-channel approach to lead generation and moving clients through the sales cycle. Cold calling will continue to diminish as trade shows, social media, networking events, and other sales outlets start to push forward.
  6. 3D printing will continue to advance. 2014 was a giant success for 3D print. Advances in the medical field, fashion industry, and manufacturing were all made possible by 3D printing. 2015 will be no different.

Well there you have it! Print will continue to strive in 2015 but with some pretty big shifts in strategy, creative, and approach.

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Here’s to 2015!