Measurable Marketing: The New Price of Admission


{Measurable Marketing: The New Price of Admission} There is NO EXCUSE these days for not measuring your marketing efforts.Today's marketing technology tools are truly amazing. Your business can now capture data to provide you with incredible insights into:

  • Who is interested in your capabilities
  • What — specifically — attracts your prospective customers' attention
  • How close they are to making a buying decision

When you combine effective marketing strategies with truly compelling content, you have a proven formula that draws potential clients to your expertise. Effective marketers follow up those leads by using marketing automation technology, which continually nurtures prospective clients and gauges the impact of your marketing efforts.

All channels of marketing have the potential to be measured. Digital marketing efforts are the fastest and easiest to track. But offline marketing efforts can also be measured (learn more in Track & Measure OFFLINE Campaigns ONLINE with PURLs). Armed with such data, simple adjustments can be made to boost the reach and the effectiveness of each of your marketing channels.

There is NO EXCUSE these days for not measuring your marketing efforts.

Each marketing channel you use should follow a basic recipe and include a call to action that propels the customer to your website (or a specific landing page), where their response can then be tracked. Here’s a brief listing of common marketing channels and what elements of measurable marketing are KEY to each approach:

  • Social Media — Syndicate your content across appropriate social media channels, and use things like hashtags to dial-in on specific groups/categories.
  • Billboards — Even though you want your web address scannable for passersby, be sure to use a unique, trackable URL so you can measure the board’s effectiveness.
  • Print adsInclude a QR Code in the ad that delivers viewers to a custom landing page, or explore augmented reality platforms that make print interactive. Here, too, you can leverage analytics platforms capable of tracking phone calls from printed materials.

Once people reach your website, you can measure:

  • How they got there
  • Frequency of individual visits
  • Whether or not they’ve converted from your calls to action (and — if not — where in that funnel they’ve fallen off)
  • What they are interested in, based on context (Learn more in What Can a Heat Map Do for YOU?)
  • Their level of engagement so can you can assign them a lead score

This type of lead generation is highly effective because it focuses your sales efforts on those individuals who have already expressed an interest in your capabilities.

When you measure your marketing efforts, you begin to understand which individuals are interested and what they are interested in. This is powerful information that allows today’s marketers to achieve two objectives:

  1. {Monthly GROW eNewsletter} Subscribe today!You can refine your marketing efforts to get maximum results.
  2. Your engagement with each client throughout the sales process will be more relevant, personalized, and (hence) memorable.

Measurable marketing is the new price of admission for SUCCESS.

Measurable marketing ensures that your marketing efforts are working, reduces your investment in efforts that underperform, and makes your marketing more relevant because you’re delivering value that someone has already expressed their interest in. Bob Wendt Signature
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