How to Convert “Mysterious” Site Visitors into Engaged Prospects


How to Convert “Mysterious” Site Visitors into Engaged ProspectsTo get visitors to engage with you on your website, you must ASK them to take action. But people are so busy these days.

They might be willing to:

  • follow you on Twitter
  • friend you on Facebook
  • leave a comment on your blog
  • share your content, or
  • subscribe to your eNewsletter

But you’ve struck the MOTHER LODE of engagement when site visitors take the time to complete an online form — sharing their contact information with you — in order to receive something valuable in return, such as an eBook or a free webinar.

The secret to converting “mysterious” site visitors into engaged prospects is having juicy, helpful content on your site — but placing some of it behind a FORM.

Give your website visitors a FREE taste of your capabilities and know-how. And once they’re hooked, tease ’em with the promise of more! But this time, force a trade . . . They can get more of your “goodies” and top-quality ideas if — and only if — they provide you with their contact information.

When they fork over their contact data to download your free eBook or whitepaper or attend your free online event, you know exactly WHO they are and WHERE to reach them — They’ve opened the door for you to begin an active dialogue with them.

You can motivate your audience to “make the trade” by letting them know — in advance — how you’ll REWARD them for a little bit of extra effort on their part. Some things you can give site visitors in return for sharing their contact info include:

  • high-quality, industry-specific, helpful content
  • an opportunity to be part of a conversation with other interested parties or SMEs
  • the chance to join and be part of a community
  • coupons, giveaways, and access to premium videos
  • attendance to a free webinar

From this free download transaction, you can develop a direct, two-way conversation, which is the ultimate form of engagement. This personalized dialogue will allow you to nurture many of your site visitors to determine their needs and show them how you can solve their problems.

BOOYAH — Now they're your CUSTOMERS!

You took casual site visitors and changed them from being anonymous guests who were “just browsing” into becoming  truly engaged prospects with your smartly designed, dynamic website. (And, of course, you combined your efforts with smart marketing technology tools that empowered you with the data you needed to convert these leads into SALES.) It’s that easy.

You’re welcome, my friends.
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