The Best Ideas Start on a Napkin


The Best Ideas Start on a Napkin by Cultivate Communications
Just imagine…

Having casual conversations in local establishments, brainstorming ideas, coming up with creative ways to solve the world’s problems — all done in the company of a select few intelligent and influential people.

A wealth of creativity originated on a serviette… how is that possible?

It’s amazing how we accomplished things before we had high-tech devices. Although a technological evolution has occurred, the history and core values of how we do business are still in place.

We’ve simply changed from jotting our ideas on a quaint square napkin, to exchanging our creative musings via rectangular means (be it a smartphone, tablet, or what have you). These new channels add a promise of creative and innovative solutions to “get the message out.”

The Best Ideas Start on a Napkin by Cultivate CommunicationsLook inside you. Do you have what it takes to offer the world a truly creative and innovative solution?

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”
{John Maxwell}

Writing messages that CONNECT — regardless of the channel they emerge on — never goes out of style.