Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of clients do you work with?

Our clients appreciate how difficult marketing is today and they are looking for a strong marketing partner to guide them with developing an effective Marketing Strategy and executing that strategy to gain new customers and to improve relationships with current customers. Most of our clients are small- to medium-sized businesses in the manufacturing, education and healthcare space.

What services do you provide?

Marketing is an essential part of all successful businesses and is most effective when it is working in parallel with sales to generate leads. Often times, Companies simply do not have the time to develop a solid marketing strategy, craft compelling content marketing and messaging, plan and execute the tactics necessary to make it all work.

Cultivate provides a full array of marketing services including customized marketing foundation analysis, designing responsive websites that are SEO optimized, identifying the most effective marketing channels, crafting and syndicating engaging content across digital and traditional marketing channels – including LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, email campaigns, blogs, newsletters, whitepapers, direct mail, and more.

Aligning your business with Cultivate Communications provides you with an experienced Marketing partner who will work with you in developing a solid go-to-market marketing strategy, strong web and digital marketing, and creative services from a single source.

Do you design and redesign websites?

Yes. We redesign existing websites and design new responsive websites with solid SEO foundation that align with your company’s Marketing Strategy. The days of websites as a brochure are gone. Cultivate strategically designs websites that provide a remarkable customer experience and engage your target audience inspiring them to learn more about your company and reach out to you. We help companies leverage their website to be a lead generation tool.

Why is a responsive website design so important?

Today’s consumers visit companies websites using a variety of different devices – phones, tablets, computers, TVs, even wearables. You want to make sure whatever device your customers are using to view your website, they have a remarkable user experience as they navigate throughout your website. When your website has a responsive design, the layout automatically adjusts based on the type of device your customer is using, giving your customer a friendly user experience.

If you design our website, will our website be search engine friendly?

Yes. We design websites with a solid SEO foundation following Search Engine Optimization best practices. We use WordPress as our CMS platform, which is an open architecture platform that is coded by design to ensure your website is easily indexed. After your web site is launched, we can also provide you with an ongoing SEO strategy and action plan to execute ongoing SEO tactics that will increase your website’s visibility to your target audience.

How can I improve the content on my website?

Content fuels your marketing. Your content not only helps you from a search engine standpoint, but it also inspires and strengthens your customer relationships and establishes you as an authority and thought leader. Cultivate Communications can help you create engaging content that informs and educates your target audience.

It is vital to continually update your website with fresh content that your target audience perceives as valuable. Our team of content marketing experts will help you create a strategic content marketing plan. Together, we will create engaging content and syndicate your content across the right digital marketing and traditional marketing channels for your business.

How can I update my website after we go live?

It will be easy to update your website’s content. After your website launches, Cultivate will train your team to ensure you are fluent with updating your content. We design responsive websites using WordPress, which is extremely user friendly. You will be surprised how easy it is to update your website. Updating your website does not require coding, it is as simple as using Microsoft Word.

Do you provide training?

Yes. After your website launches, we will train your team. We host training sessions to ensure you are comfortable adding content, changing pictures, and updating calendars. After training, we are always here when you have questions.

Do you provide hosting and maintenance services once the website is done?

Yes. We recommend hosting your website(s) through Cultivate to keep your development support in-house, secure, and easily accessible should anything ever arise where your site may need immediate or urgent attention. We offer competitive and appealing hosting rates. Hosting internally also expedites the deploying your website, as there are no third parties that need to be communicated with in most cases.

Regular maintenance like updates and backups are critical to maintaining the functionality and security of your website. The open source nature of the WordPress CMS means that it is constantly being improved and updated by a large community of developers and because of this, periodic security updates get pushed out that need to be maintained regularly to mitigate security risks.

We have tools that monitor your website 24/7 for updates and perform regular backups. We take great pride in knowing your site is safe with us, and do everything in our power to make sure that underlying questions of security is never a thought in your mind.

Do you provide website statistics?

Yes. Absolutely. Google Analytics is vital tool for you to use to measure your website’s conversions and consumer behavior. When we design your website, we tie in Google Analytics. This means you can login at anytime and view the robust reporting provided by Google Analytics.

What is the purpose of a blog?

Blog! News! Idea Center! Whatever you call it, your business will benefit greatly by including a section on your website where your target customers can read your engaging content. A strategically well written blog that is consistently updated and optimized for SEO is a powerful marketing tool, driving new customers to your website and establishing your company as a thought leader.

For many of our customers, their blog is the #1 referring page on their web site. Also, a blog can increase your website’s SEO rankings, making you more visible at the moment your target audience is looking for your services as they search for your products and services on the search engines.

Why is social media integration so important?

Customers buy from companies and people they like, trust, and feel comfortable with. When you strategically integrate your company’s and your employees’ social media pages, you are giving your customers more reasons to buy from you.

As customers select whom they want to do business with, the company’s personality and experiences are big factors in their decision. Your company’s personality is formed not only by your company’s way of doing business, but by your employee’s attitudes and personalities. Integrating your company’s and your employee’s social media links into your website can help establish and build customer relationships.

Does social media marketing aid in SEO?

Yes, executing an effective social media strategic plan will increase your website’s visibility on the Search Engines. We partner with our clients to develop an effective Social Media Strategic plan and help them execute. Social media done right creates awareness, promotes your company as an expert and authority, and drives traffic to your website.

Engaging content syndicated through social media creates the type of traffic that Google values, thereby increases your website’s ranking and visibility. We can help you identify the right social channels for your target audience, and syndicate your content creating the backlinks that help improve your website’s visibility on the search engines.

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