Improving sales conversions is like herding cats


Improving Sales Conversions Is Like Herding Cats

For many companies, the process of corralling leads and converting them into sales has always been chaotic – like trying to herd cats. But this challenge has become even bigger during the last few months.

If you want to achieve faster sales conversions and multiply the impact of marketing, you’ve got to be a change agent. A rebel. A fearless “cat herder” who isn’t intimidated by the challenges of aligning marketing and sales with customer needs.

You must take a bold stance to revolutionize marketing.

Why? As marketers, we know that the marketing and sales landscape continues to evolve at an accelerating rate. We’re also facing massive changes in all areas of our business, driven by the pandemic and recession. It has caused tectonic changes in your customers’ needs and expectations. Are you keeping up with them?

Achieving your marketing goals is next to impossible if you don’t have a clear focus and sound but aggressive strategies.

Step up. Think different.

What can you do when everything around you has changed? Take a page from the late Steve Jobs’ playbook and “Think Different.” Not just incrementally different. Radically different.

It’s time for radical candor. No pulling punches here.

Instead of producing a “herd” of loosely related content, why not be more strategic? Why not ignite a revolution in how you serve your target audience? Why not design a customer experience that makes them WANT to do business with you?

One potent way to do so is to align your content with their purchasing process. That increases the odds that your messages will resonate with and inspire them to reach a buying decision faster. Collaborating with your sales team can increase your odds of success even more.

Stop playing cat and mouse with your prospects. It’s time to get all your content and messaging aligned around their needs!

We’ll show you the way

Our new eGuide, Improving Sales Conversions is Like Herding Cats, shows you how to:

  • Align your content with your ideal prospects’ buyer’s journey,
  • Stake out a top spot in their minds throughout their buying process,
  • Multiply marketing’s impact on revenue, and
  • Rise above your competitors with integrated marketing and sales

It’s time to play a bigger game. Stand tall. Become a Marketing Rebel.

Let us show you how to bring order from the chaos of lead generation!