Can You Measure Customer Trust? Yes. Here’s How!


Since the advent of social media, it’s easier than ever to become the talk of the town.

Customer Retention is a MUST for any successful business. Smart CEOs know it takes a lot more effort and a lot more money to go out and snag a new customer from keeping your existing customers happy is a BIG DEAL.

If you’re not happy with your customer retention rate, the missing variable in your marketing equation is likely customer trust.

Trust must be cultivated to be effective, and earning trust is a process.

Over time, you can measure customer trust by analyzing your customer retention rate. Is it going up? That means your loyal customers trust your business and your brand more than ever before! But HOW do you bump up that customer trust?

The good news is that an investment in a full-circle content marketing strategy can help you measure customer trust, because a solid content strategy that touches each customer throughout the Growth Cycle Marketing process boosts your customer retention rates, meaning your happy customers will keep comin' back for more!

Establishing Customer Trust

Your website is your customer’s window to your world, so first impressions are everything. Your website content should be designed and written to serve your specific target audience. Every website visitor is judging the usability, helpfulness and relevance of your website as a whole, oftentimes subconsciously. You really want your website visitors, whether potential or current customers, to nod their head and think, Yea, this company gets me. Translation: I can tell right away that this company will fill a need I have, just the way I want.

Don’t forget, even if you’re B2B (or especially if you’re B2B), that you’re still dealing with people. All people want a website that’s easy to navigate and quite naturally authentic. If your website is busy, confusing and hyperbolic, we’re telling you right now: Get Real. Be honest about what you have to offer and you’ll see more interest on the front end and fewer problems on the backend, because there’s nothing worse than the over-promise, under-deliver. Super bad move, bud.

Building Customer Trust

Your reputation is important. Treasure it. Since the advent of social media, it’s easier than ever to become the talk of the town. Word of mouth is still your biggest ally, so put the same quality and care into your marketing as you put into your products and services. Back everything you do with a personal touch. Strive for nothing less than excellent customer service.

Your website content should include a regularly updated blog section. (You can call it News & Events or Happenin’ Headlines or whatever you like, but do be sure your title is in line with your brand messaging.) Herein lies the opportunity to really shine. You’re looking to build your credibility and showcase your expertise. Your company is the cream of the crop in your industry, right? So show your customers regular examples of your work: offer up relevant industry advice, helpful articles that hit on your customers’ pain points, infographics that are fun to read and share, case studies and customer testimonials. Impress your audience, but hey, no one likes an egomaniac.

Retaining Customer Trust

The reward for earning trust is a big one: loyalty. ~ Sally Hogshead

Your website is amazing and your fans are flocking forth. Sweet. Next step: Be generous and you will be rewarded. Create a fun Facebook contest, slide your returning customers a cool coupon, and/or start up a customer loyalty rewards program. Give the people what they want. They’ll be hooked. A free eBook giveaway is a great opportunity to collect email addresses (with permission, of course)—BUT, keep in mind there are tons of free offers out there. Make yours spectacular.

Another biggie: Be humble and apologize when necessary. Mistakes happen. Unfortunately, that’s life. Something will eventually fall flat, come in late, not meet expectations, or fail to function correctly. The FIRST step to rectifying a problem is to start on your contingency plan BEFORE your customers notice, if possible. Taking the high road is noble. While you may win some and lose some, if you nip it in the bud right away, your loyal customers just might forgive you.

Deploying a successful content marketing plan to develop customer trust ALWAYS starts with a great, practical strategy. Before you run out and start posting and updating like mad, take a step back, consult with your marketing team (and/or an outside team of Growth Cycle Marketing experts) and sit down to hammer out that strategy. Be realistic about your long-term customer retention goals, and do realize that building customer trust and loyalty takes time. Be patient, but be flexible and ready to tweak that strategy to strengthen your efforts over time. Do it right and watch your customer retention rates soar!

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