AMA asks, "What is Marketing's Impact on Innovation for Growth?"


"There is UNLIMITED potential for inventive thinkers."

Growth Cycle Marketing— Bob Wendt, President of Cultivate Communications

Quote Bob Wendt

This was Bob's response to the topic question -- What is Marketing's Impact on Innovation for Growth?  -- put forth by the American Marketing Association (AMA) last week at a "lunch & learn" event in Wauwatosa, WI.

Our very own Bob Wendt (president of Cultivate Communications) gave a presentation with fellow area leaders at a panel discussion hosted by the Milwaukee chapter of the AMA. The well-attended event offered participants advanced marketing insights and key industry knowledge.

Bob spoke about his journey reinventing one leg of his business (Heritage Printing) to expand it into a second successful business -- Cultivate Communications -- an innovative content-marketing firm. (Download our FREE content-marketing eBook to learn how to take a kinder, gentler [yet more effective!] approach to your marketing.) Bob offered practical tips and strategies for leaders of every industry who are facing slow sales and declining markets.

MaryAnn Long (AMA-Milwaukee's VP of Programming & Events) particularly enjoyed Bob’s enthusiastic take on innovation and opportunity:

GCM Graphic Circular NoWords"There is UNLIMITED potential for inventive thinkers."

— Bob Wendt, President of Cultivate Communications

Many attendees commented to Long about the ingenuity of “Growth Cycle Marketing,” Cultivate Communications’ innovative model for aligning a marketing strategy to the way that ‘buyers’ buy. Nowadays, the decision to buy isn’t a moment, it’s a process — so your marketing cycle must follow suit.

If you didn't make it to the AMA luncheon to hear Bob's presentation, we invite you to click here for an introduction to Growth Cycle Marketing: a long-term, cyclical marketing strategy developed with an understanding of how today’s empowered consumers expect to experience your brand (regularly and across multiple platforms).

What is Marketing’s Impact on Innovation for Growth? Download this Free White Paper on Growth Cycle Marketing

And be sure to connect with Bob on LinkedIn to learn more about this proven process for attracting and growing more profitable customers.